Awards and Recognition

In the Department of Psychology, we recognize outstanding achievement for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty.  Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the following awards.

Recent Winners 
Wolfe Award: Tyler Stading
Jensen Award: Alia Noetzel
Levine Diversity Enhancement Award: Madeline J. Scholsser, Alisha D. Caldwell
Graduate Research Mentors: Hazel Delgado, Steven Pittenger
Graduate Student Teaching: Chelsie Temmen
Teacher of the Year: Cynthia Willis-Esqueda

Wolfe Award

The Harry K. Wolfe Award is presented annually to the outstanding senior psychology major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Nominations are made by Psychology Department faculty and the winner is selected by a committee consisting of three psychology professors. The award is based on a combination of strong classroom performance in UNL coursework; research accomplishments, especially leading to a senior thesis; and other work, such as assisting with teaching, campus extra-curricular engagement, and involvement with off-campus organizations that provide experience related to psychology.

The award commemorates Harry K. Wolfe (1858-1918), a UNL alumnus who was the first professor of psychology at UNL. Wolfe was one of the first Americans to earn a Ph.D. in psychology, from the University of Leipzig, Germany in 1886. He is credited with establishing one of the first laboratory courses for psychology undergraduates in the United States.

2015 Tyler Stading
2014 Kassie Guenther
2013 Kate Brungardt
2012 Kara Brostom
2011 Alyssa Lundahl
2010 Amy Proskovec

Jensen Award

The Donald D. Jensen Award is fairly new, and is given annually to the best undergraduate research project conducted by a psychology major. 

Don Jensen was born and raised in central Nebraska. He was educated at UNL, receiving his Bachelors and Masters degrees in 1951 and 1955.  He then went to Yale, where he received his Ph.D. in 1958. After a period as a post-doc in Holland, he joined the Indiana University faculty in 1960.
Dr. Jensen returned to UNL in 1969 where he served until his death in 2003. Don was extremely well read and loved to explore ideas.  He was a great supporter of research and of the evidence-based approach to answering questions.
2016 Alia Noetzel
2015 Ellen Dudley
2014 Tran Lee
2013 Maggie Schauer
2012 Shaina Bergt
2011 Natalie Heimann
2010 Kristin Divis

Levine Diversity Enhancement Research Award

The Department of Psychology recognizes the need to develop and promote a psychological knowledge base that addresses the diversity of human behavior. In line with the mission statement of the Department’s Sarata Diversity Enhancement Committee, a research award to acknowledge students’ research contributions concerning diverse populations or of significance for diverse populations has been developed. This award is made possible by the family of Dr. David Levine, who was the chair of the department and an early proponent of research on diversity issues.

The purpose of the Diversity Enhancement Research Award is to encourage and honor those students who make a contribution to the advancement of knowledge concerning issues that face diverse populations or that are of concern to diverse populations. Consequently, this award will be given to an undergraduate and a graduate student whose work best exemplifies a contribution to psychological knowledge about diversity.

Undergraduate student winners
2016 Madeline J. Scholsser
2015 Sydney Gaylord
2014 David Orozco-Garcia
2013 Haley Mullin & Maggie Schauer
2012 Taylor Flairty
2011 Ryan McGough
2010 Nicholas Miller
2007 Andrea Lowe
2004 Melissa Tehee
2003 Christina Dorsey
Graduate student winners
2016 Alisha D. Caldwell
2015 Antover P. Tuliao
2014 Rosa Delgado & Vincenzo Roma
2013 Libier Isas
2012 Jill Allen & Lindsay Wylie
2011 Miriam Martinez & Brandon Weiss
2010 Jules McLawsen
2009 Amy Hillard
2008 Maria I. Iturbide
2007 Leslie Davila Martinez and Samantha Schwartz
2006 Brian Armenta
2005 Lisa Knoche
2004 Russ Espinoza
2003 Maria Rosario T. de Guzman and Byron Zamboanga

Graduate Student Teaching Awards in Psychology

Research mentorship
2016 Hazel Delgado, Steven Pittenger
2015 Katlyn Farnum
2014 Rosy Maldonado and Laura Watkins
2013 Leah Georges, Mark Mills, Tiffany West

Classroom instruction
2016 Chelsie Temmen
2015 Gerald McDonnell
2014 Josh Haby
2013 Michelle Petracca

Teacher of the year

2016 Cynthia Willis-Esqueda
2015 Gerald McDonnell
2014 Cal Garbin
2013 Mike Dodd