E-mail address Phone number Program Research interests Research lab
Belli, Robert (402) 472-6269 Social and Cognitive; Neuroscience and Behavior

Role of Memory in Applied Settings; Survey Response

Behavioral Research in Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Bevins, Rick
(Department Chair) (402) 472-3721 Neuroscience & Behavior

Neuroscience; Pharmacology; Animal Learning; Immunology

Behavioral Neuropharmacology Lab
Bornstein, Brian H. (402) 472-3721 Law-Psychology; Social and Cognitive

Jury Decisions; Eyewitness Memory; Distributive and Procedural Justice

Jury, Justice, and Eyewitness Research Group
Brank, Eve M. (402) 472-3721 Law-Psychology; Social and Cognitive

Public Policy in Elder and Juvenile Law; Procedural Justice

Law and Policy Lab
Crockett, Lisa J. (402) 472-0584 Developmental

Adolescent Development and Risk Behavior; Ethnic Differences in Parenting

Latino Youth Care Project
DiLillo, David (402) 472-3297 Clinical

Family Violence; Marital and Couple Relations

Trauma, Violence, and Abuse Lab
Dodd, Mike (402) 472-3721 Social and Cognitive

Visual Attention; Human Cognition; Individual Differences; Goal-Directed Activity

Vision, Attention, Memory, and Perception Lab
Garbin, Calvin P. (402) 472-3721 Social and Cognitive

Research Design & Quantitative Methods; Perception; Web-Based Technology in Student Learning

Gervais, Sarah J. (402) 472-3721 Social and Cognitive; Law-Psychology

Power; Subtle Sexism; Objectification; Sexual Harassment and the Law

Subtle Prejudice Lab
Hansen, David J. (402) 472-2619 Clinical

Child Maltreatment; Social Skills Assesment and Intervention

Child Maltreatment Research Team
Hope, Debra A. (402) 472-3196 Clinical

Anxiety, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

Anxiety Disorders Clinic and Rainbow Project
Kamil, Alan C. (402) 472-6676 Neuroscience & Behavior Center for Avian Cognition
Leger, Daniel (402) 472-3721 Neuroscience & Behavior

Animal Communication and Behavior; Evolutionary Psychology; Bird Song

Li, Ming (402) 472-3721 Neuroscience & Behavior

Psychopharmacology of Antipsychotic Drugs; Animal Models of Schizophrenia

Biopsychology Laboratory
McChargue, Dennis (402) 472-3721 Clinical

Biobehavioral Vulnerability Factors Linking Addiction to Mental Illness

Comorbid Addiction and Mental Illness Laboratory
Molfese, Dennis L. (402) 472-0168 Neuroscience & Behavior; Developmental Predicting Developmental Changes in Brain, Language, and Cognition; Sleep, Space Travel, & Brain Function Developmental Brain Laboratory
Nelson, Timothy D. (402) 472-7707 Clinical

Pediatric Psychology; Psychosocial Factors and Pediatric Health

Pediatric Health Laboratory
Neta, Maital (402) 472-1840 Neuroscience & Behavior; Social and Cognitive

Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab
Pope Edwards, Carolyn (402) 472-3721 Developmental

International Early Childhood Education; Social and Moral Development in Cultural Context

Scalora, Mario (402) 472-3126 Law-Psychology; Clinical

Threats to Public Institutions; Sexual Offending; Workplace Violence

Targeted Violence Research Team
Schutte, Anne (402) 472-1840 Developmental; Social and Cognitive

Cognitive Development; Spatial Working Memory in Early Childhood

Spatial Memory and Cognition Lab
Spaulding, William (402) 472-3721 Clinical

Schizophrenia; Psychopathology; Social Policy and Service Systems

Serious Mental Illness Research Group
Stevens, Jeffrey R. (402) 472-1840 Neuroscience & Behavior Animal Cognition; Decision Making; Evolutionary Psychology Adaptive Decision Making Lab
Stoltenberg, Scott F. (402) 472-3721 Neuroscience & Behavior

Behavior Genetics; Health-Risk Behaviors

Behavior Genetics Lab
Templin, Jonathan Now at Univ. of Kansas

Tomkins, Alan (402) 472-5688 Law-Psychology; Social and Cognitive

Mental Health Policy; Community Health and Human Services; Stakeholder Input into Public Policy

Wiener, Richard L. (402) 472-1137 Law-Psychology; Social and Cognitive

Legal Decision Making: Discrimination, Criminal Law, Emotion and Motivation

Legal Decision Making Lab
Wilcox, Brian (402) 472-3479 Law-Psychology; Developmental

Child Development and Public Policy

Center on Children, Families, and the Law
Willis-Esqueda, Cynthia (402) 472-3740 Law-Psychology; Social and Cognitive

Origins of Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes; Racial and Ethnic Bias in Legal Systems

Race and Ethnic Psychology Lab


Emeritus Faculty

Name/Web Page Email Address Phone Number
Dick Dienstbier    
John Flowers (402) 472-3194
Alvin Landfield    
Monte Page (402) 472-3288
Theo Sonderegger