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 Professor Debra Hope's work includes research, training and clinical services in two primary areas - anxiety disorders and discrimination and stigma, particularly for sexual minorities.  We offer clinical services, research and training on anxiety disorders and related problems through the Anxiety Disorders Clinic.  We also have research and clinical services related to sexual orientation and gender identity through the Rainbow Project and Clinic.  The Anxiety Disorders Clinic and Rainbow Clinic are specialty services in the Psychological Consultation Center. Some work on discrimination and stigma is conducted through the Rainbow Project The lab is led by Dr. Debra Hope and is comprised mainly of graduate students pursuing their Ph.D. in clinical psychology and undergraduate research assistants.                                                                        

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 We are proud of the University's supportive response to students who choose to engage in free speech around important issues.  See this link to responses from the Department of Psychology Chair, UNL Chancellor, and University President to the recent protest by three of our student athletes.  http://psychology.unl.edu/