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New Psi Chi/ UPO Officers

Congrats to the 2015-2016 Psi Chi/UPO Officers

Psi Chi and UPO President: Michael Wenzl

Psi Chi and UPO Vice President: Victoria Bayer

Psi Chi Secretary - Drew McGrath

UPO Secretary - Dana Norris

Psi Chi Treasurer - Ryan Kirkpatrick

UPO Treasurer - Ashley Neeley

The new officers will be sworn in when new members are inducted at the Undergraduate Recognition Ceremony/Psi Chi Induction Ceremony on April 20th at 3:30 in the Union.  Please join us for this annual event!

Minutes of February workshop plus date change for March meeting

Hey everyone, the minutes for our last meeting which featured undergraduates talking about their grad school interview experience can be found HERE.  Also, our March meeting features faculty member Tim Nelson talking about why grad school isn't for everyone.  A faculty meeting was scheduled during our original time so the date of that meeting has been changed to March 9th

Summary of Research Opportunities

Hello Psi Chi/UPO members, apologies again for the Research Night cancellation but please find the current solicitations for research opportunities that were forwarded on to me HERE.  If you're looking to get involved in research the best bet is to always be proactive.  Look up the psych faculty pages, see what people do, and get in contact with them to see if they are taking volunteers (some do even if they don't come to research night and fill out solicitations).  Between that and the attached opportunities, hopefully you'll find something that suits you.

Meeting schedule for Spring 2015

We have mapped out the meeting schedule below (all meetings take place in 79 Burnett except February's social event) for this terms meetings and workshops.  They are as follows

 January 26 - Research night (like in the fall, come out and hear about volunteer opportunities and ways to get laboratory experience here in the Psychology Department)

 Feb 2 - Social event at Yia Yia's.  Free pizza and nonalcoholic drinks paid for by Psi Chi/UPO (if you are over 21 and want alcohol you are more than welcome, but need to purchase yourself).  Come and meet other members and hang out with officers.

 February 16 - Workshop - The Grad School application experience - hear from undergraduates who have just gone through the application process and gone on interviews so they can share their experiences and answer questions you may have

 March 9 - Other areas of Psychology/Why grad school may not be for you - Clinical Psychologist Tim Nelson will talk about why pursuing grad school isn't for everyone, and this will transition into talking about other career avenues and other areas of Psychology you may not be aware of

 April 6 - Officer elections for the 2015-2016 academic year

 Date TBD: Undergraduate recognition ceremony/Psi Chi induction ceremony: This will happen some time in April at a to-be-announced date.  Awards are given out, new Psi Chi members are inducted, free cake, wheeee

 As with last term we'll continue to have free food and drink at meetings.  Come for the knowledge, stay for the cheap eats

Minutes from our 12/01/2014 meeting: McNair, REU, and UCARE Programs

Thanks to everyone who attended Monday's meeting which featured presenters discussing the McNair Scholarship and UCARE Programs which are here at UNL in addition to Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) programs which are available at many universities.  The meeting minutes can be found HERE.

Minutes from our 11/03/2014 meeting: Graduate student perspective on applying to graduate school

Thanks to everyone who attended Monday's meeting which featured six Psychology graduate students from all areas of psychology discussing and answering questions related to graduate school.  The minutes from the meeting can be found HERE

Minutes from our 10/27/2014 workshop: CV/Resume and Personal Statement Preparation

Thanks to everyone who attended Monday's workshop in which Psi Chi/UPO faculty advisor Mike Dodd discussed tips for preparing CV/Resumes and Personal Statements for both the job market and graduate school application.  The minutes for the meeting can be found HERE

Minutes from our 10/6/2014 meeting: Faculty perspectives on applying to graduate school

Thanks to everyone who attended Monday's meeting which featured three Psychology professors (Jeff Stevens - Neuroscience and Behavior; Deb Hope - Clinical; Anne Schutte - Developmental, Cognitive) discussing and answering questions related to graduate school (e.g. what they look for in a student, how to strengthen your application).  The minutes from the meeting can be found HERE

Minutes and Summary of Opportunities from Research Night

Thanks to everyone who attended our inaugural meeting this term, our annual Research Night in which faculty and graduate students presented information about their labs and the volunteer positions available.  The summary of opportunities for those who missed the meeting or were there and did not get the contact information of the individuals they are interested in working with can be found HERE.  

.  I organized the opportunities in the order they were presented.  You can also find meeting minutes through the year on the Psi Chi/UPO website,, or on our new facebook page,

Important Dates and Announcements

A few important dates and announcements for Psi Chi and UPO as we begin the 2014-2015 year

If you're not familiar with Psi Chi/UPO, they are Undergraduate Psychology Organizations (hence the spot on acronym) which hold monthly meetings of interest to Psychology major/minors (UPO is open to everyone, Psi Chi is an honors society and members must meet a specific criterion...the next call for membership will be October/November...UPO has annual dues of $10 and Psi Chi has a one time membership fee of $65...these meetings are open to all independent of whether you are a member of either organization).  Please take a moment to review this information to see the meeting dates and topics for this term, in addition to our new initiatives.

1) Psi Chi/UPO meetings take place the first Monday of every month at 4pm (due to Labor Day, our first meeting of the term will be September 8th) and are tentatively scheduled to take place in 79 Burnett.  The first meeting of this term is our annual Research Night in which Psychology faculty and graduate students who are looking for lab volunteers will give brief presentations on what they do and what they are looking for in a student.  This is a great way to find out about how you can get involved in research at the university which is an important aspect of your education, especially if you're hoping to attend graduate school.  Our meeting schedule for the rest of the term is as follows:

Sept 8th: Research Night
October 6th: Faculty perspective on graduate school (how to get involved now, what they look for in a grad student, etc.)
November 3rd: Graduate student perspective on graduate school (learn about what grad school is like from people currently living it)
December 1st: Information on the UCARE program, McNair program, REU, and thesis

2) In addition to our monthly meeting, we are going to introduce two more specialized workshops each term.  These are open to everyone but may be of greater interest to a subset of students.  The workshop schedule for this term is as follows

October 27: Workshop on dos and don'ts for putting together a CV and/or personal statement for graduate school
November 17th: Workshop covering the many areas of psychology that students may not be familiar with (e.g. options outside of clinical/counselling psychology) in addition to putting together a timeline for yourself to make you an attractive candidate for graduate school

3) We have added some officer positions this year to our organizations.  Our new Psi Chi/UPO advisory board is being tasked with a number of new initiatives.  First, we are creating a facebook page and twitter account (and maybe instagram to share pics) for Psi Chi/UPO so watch for invitations to join those soon.  Second, we will be compiling information for undergraduates that we haven't always made easily available in the past.  Watch for us to send out announcements on opportunities for lab positions, opportunities to present and publish research, and internships that could be of interest to Psychology majors/minors.

4) For the foreseeable future (as long as it remains cost effective), we're going to have food and drinks at our monthly meetings (another advisory board initiative)

5) We are also looking into potentially doing a fun fundraising activity each term, be on the look out for announcements in that regard.


Meetings | History | Membership | Officers | Links

This Year's Meetings will be held Mondays at 4 PM, room 79 Burnett Hall.  Regular meetings take place the first Monday of the month.  Note that this year we will also hold two specialized workshops as detailed below.

  • September 8 at 4 PM in room 79 Burnett: Research Night -- Hear from Psychology faculty and grad students about current opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in Psychology research

  • October 6 at 4 PM in room 79 Burnett: Faculty perspective on preparing for graduate school

  • October 27 at 4 PM in room 79 Burnett: Workshop on dos and don'ts for putting together a CV and/or personal statement for graduate school
  • November 3 at 4 PM in room 79 Burnett: Graduate student perspective on preparing for graduate schoo.

  • November 17 at 4 PM in room 79 Burnett: Workshop covering the many areas of psychology that students may not be familiar with (e.g. options outside of clinical/counselling psychology) in addition to putting together a timeline for yourself to make you an attractive candidate for graduate school
  • December 1 at 4 PM in room 79 Burnett: UCARE, Honor's Theses, REU and the McNair Program

  • Our History

    Meetings | History | Membership | Officers | Links

    "The purpose of this organization shall be primarily to advance the science of psychology; and secondly to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all academic fields, particularly in psychology."

    Psi Chi was founded Sept. 4, 1942 at the 9th International Congress of Psychology. The Congress, held at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut began with 22 universities and colleges as charter members. The Psi Chi chapter at the University of Nebraska was among the charter members of the national organization -- recognized as the 8th chapter initiated overall.

    Psi Chi began primarily as an organization for those students in psychology who were working on research projects. The students in individual chapters would get together and discuss various topics of research. Since then Psi Chi has grown to serve many other functions in the field of psychology, such as community service and educational projects. The national chapter still recognizes excellence in research through nationwide graduate and undergraduate research competitions and awards. Since 1929, Psi Chi has expanded greatly. With over 800 chapters and thousands of members, Psi Chi is one of the largest and most respected honor societies in the country.

    “The Undergraduate Psychology Organization (UPO) is an information organization sponsored by students for students interested in psychology. By sponsoring various activities, UPO promotes interest in psychology outside the traditional classroom setting. You do not need to be a psychology major or minor to take part in UPO's activities” ( College of Arts and Sciences, 2002).

    During the 2002-2003 academic school year, Psi Chi and UPO joined forces to better serve the needs of psychology students at UNL. Although students are able to officially hold membership in one or both organizations, all meetings and events are held together in order to maintain a larger group to provide social and academic opportunities to all students who are interested in psychology.

    Membership Requirements

    Meetings | History | Membership | Officers | Links

    Psi Chi Honor Society Membership:

    The next opportunity to apply for Psi Chi membership will be October 2013. At that time, instructions and an application form that you must complete on your computer will be available here.

    Completed applications along with one-time dues of $65 ($55 national dues + $10 local dues...please note that Psi Chi just raised their national dues to $55, hence the price increase...the local dues remain unchanged) should be returned to the Psi Chi mailbox in room 237 Burnett (bottom row, on the right) or to the mailbox of the Psi Chi Faculty Advisor Mike Dodd. Please make your check out to "Psi Chi". You may provide cash if it is within a sealed envelope. You will be notified via email when your application is accepted. Applications that are received late or that are incomplete will be considered for the next induction process. All new inductees from fall or spring each academic year will be recognized at the annual induction ceremony in April. Last year's ceremony was held in the Union (Regency Room) on Wednesday, April 17, 2012 at 3:30 PM.

    Psi Chi Membership Applications will be accepted twice a year, in October and March. Requirements for membership in the UNL chapter are as follows.
    NOTE: requirements may vary from chapter to chapter, so they are different for UNL than what is listed on the national application form:

    • Sophomore standing or higher
    • 12 credit hours of psychology completed -OR- 9 hrs completed and currently enrolled in 3 credit hours
    • 3.0 overall GPA (for completed courses only)
    • 3.0 GPA for all completed psychology courses

    Did you join Psi Chi last year but not attend the initiation ceremony? If so, you can pick up your certificate and pin from 222 Burnett. Certificates not claimed by the end of the following school year after initiation will be discarded.

    Even if you are not yet a member, we encourage you to attend our meetings at anytime.

    Undergraduate Psychology Organization (UPO) Membership:

    Anyone can join UPO -- there are no GPA or credit hour restrictions, and even non-psychology majors are welcome to join. Simply pay the annual dues of $10 to the UPO Treasurer (Molly Kudym) at any meeting and you will be added to our distribution list for members.

    2014-2015 Advisor and Officers

    Meetings | History | Membership | Officers | Links

    Faculty Academic Advisor: Mike Dodd

    Psi Chi and UPO President: Jordan Kugler

  • Psi Chi and UPO Vice President: Olivia Reinert-Gehman

    Psi Chi Secretary: Kassie Guenther

    Psi Chi Treasurer and Organizational Liaison:Deanna Pina

  • UPO Secretary: Terrence Huit

    UPO Treasurer: Molly Kudym

  • Psi Chi/UPO Advisory Board: Melissa Baker, Ellen Dudley, Holly Smith

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