Nebraska Symposium on Motivation

Nebraska Symposium on Motivation--Impulsivity: How Time and Risk Influence Decision Making

21-22 April 2016
Nebraska Union

Coordinated by: Jeffrey R. Stevens, Ph.D.

Welcome to the 64th annual Nebraska Symposium on Motivation website. This year's symposium will focus on impulsivity, a multi-faceted concept that captures the inability to wait, a tendency to act without forethought, insensitivity to consequences, and/or an inability to inhibit inappropriate behaviors. Across psychology, impulsivity is related to the concepts of patience, self-control, risk taking, gambling, inhibitory control, delayed gratification, and intertemporal choice. Due to the multi-faceted nature of impulsivity, it plays a critical role in a number of key behavioral problems, including pathological gambling, overeating, addiction, adolescent risk-taking, spread of sexually transmitted diseases, criminal behavior, financial decision making, and environmental attitudes. The symposium will feature speakers at the forefront of research investigating motivational influences of the psychology, neuroscience, development, and evolution of impulsivity.

Please register if you plan on attending. The symposium will be streamed live if you cannot attend in person.