62nd Nebraska Symposium on Motivation:

Cooperation and Compliance with Authority: The Role of Institutional Trust

24-25 April 2014

Coordinated by: Brian H. Bornstein, Ph.D. and Alan Tomkins, J.D., Ph.D.



James Gibson

Washington University in St. Louis
Department of Political Science

Karen Hegtvedt

Emory University
Department of Sociology

Jonathan Jackson

London School of Economics and Political Science:
Mannheim Centre for the Study of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Peter Ping Li

Copenhagen Business School
Department of International Economics and Management

Robert MacCoun

University of California – Berkeley
School of Public Policy and Boalt School of Law

David Rottman

National Center for State Courts

David Schoorman

Purdue University
Krannert School of Management

Beth Theiss-Morse

University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Department of Political Science