Dr. Scott F. Stoltenberg directs the BGL, and is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Dr. Stoltenberg's office is Burnett Hall 335, and his lab is in C60 in the Center for Brain, Biology & Behavior (CB3).  

Research in the BGL seeks to characterize the role of genetic variation on individual differences in health-risk behaviors and social behaviors. We focus on genes that influence the function of neurotransmitter systems and on behavioral traits, such as impulsivity, that increase risk for behavioral problems.

Studies in the BGL have examined phenotypes such as alcohol problems, substance use, eating problems, risky driving, decision-making prosocial behavior and gambling. In general, we use a candidate gene association study approach with non-clinical populations (i.e. college students) as study participants.

Our work crosses levels of analysis and spans several areas of psychology including, but not limited to, neuroscience, cognitive, personality and clinical to address important questions about genetic influences on behavior. 

Please check out the volume from the 61st Annual Nebraska Symposium on Motivation "Genes and the Motivation to Use Substances" edited by Dr. Stoltenberg and published by Springer.