Undergraduate Research Assistants

Undergraduate research assistants are involved in nearly every facet of our research. 

Every undergraduate RA on the team will be directly involved in the collection of behavioral data. 

Based on research experience and/or relevant genetics coursework, undergraduate RAs may work in the genotyping lab extracting DNA from cheek cells or saliva, and genotyping samples using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and gel electrophoresis (or TaqMan methods).

Undergraduate RAs will have opportunities to delve into the primary research literature, write a paper, analyze data, prepare a poster and give an oral presentation. 

Joining the team requires registering for 3 credits of Independent Study (PSYC 299/499) with Dr. Stoltenberg or involvement in the UCARE Program.   

If you are interested in joining the UNL Psychology Department as a graduate student and working with Dr. Stoltenberg, please contact him to discuss the options.


  • If you are a UNL student and are interested in joining the Stoltenberg Lab, please contact Dr. Stoltenberg (sstoltenberg2 at unl dot edu).  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, but team members are added to the team only at the start of each semester.  
  • If you are a UNL undergraduate student and are interested in taking part in the BGL research as a participant, we currently are conducting, see SONA for opportunities.