Scott F. Stoltenberg

  Scott got his PhD in 1995 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Psychology with a focus on behavior genetics. Stoltenberg then did a 3-year, NIAAA funded postdoctoral fellowship in human alcoholism genetics at the Addiction Research Center at the University of Michigan. He then joined the University of Michigan research faculty in the Psychiatry Department, where he continued to conduct research into the genetics of alcoholism, and was funded by a K01. In 2004 he took a teaching-oriented position at Black Hills State University before coming to UNL in 2009.  In 2013 he was promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure.


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Graduate Students

Grace Sullivan

  Grace Sullivan graduated from Buena Vista University in 2013 with a BS in biology and psychology. As an undergraduate, she designed a variety of research projects including investigations of connections between oxytocin levels and prosocial behaviors. Before coming to UNL in 2014, Grace worked at an inpatient psychiatric hospital in South Dakota for a year. Some of her primary research interests include the genetic and neurological roots of social behaviors and moral reasoning.

Undergraduate Students

Andrew Ashby

  Andrew is a Junior majoring in psychology. After graduating he aspires to attend graduate school in clinical psychology, with an emphasis on addiction etiology and treatment. He is married with 2 children, a boy and girl. Andrew's interests led him to the Behavior Genetics lab, this is his first research position. 

Sarah Hughes Bernheim

  Sarah is a senior from Vermillion, South Dakota. She is a Psychology major with a minor in Biology with plans to attend graduate school to pursue a PhD in neuroscience. On campus she enjoys taking part in events for charities as well as volunteer work within the community. This is her first research position and she is excited to explore her interest in behavior genetics while being on the team.

Adrianna Lobitz

 Adrianna  is a junior from Mankato, Minnesota pursuing a degree in Psychology with minors in Biology and Humanities in Medicine. She plans to attend Physicians Assistant school and hopes to work in a neurology or cardiology unit one in the future. On campus, she enjoys being involved in clubs such as MEDLIFE and she loves to volunteer at hospitals and in schools. This is her first research position and she looks forward to learning about and exploring behavior genetics. 

Catie Jones

 Catie is a junior majoring in Psychology with minors in Art, Child, Youth & Family Studies, and Biology. After graduating, she plans to attend graduate school for Genetic Counseling. She enjoys learning about neuroscience and behavior genetics, and looks forward to working in the lab. This is her first research position. 

Jacob Kent

  Jacob is a sophomore from Omaha, Nebraska studying Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. He plans to go on to medical school after his studies and UNL and work to become a doctor. He enjoys going to the gym, spending time with his friends, and trying new things/going new places. This is his research experiences and he is excited for the new experience. 

Parker Segal

  Parker is a sophomore from Omaha, Nebraska studying Software Engineering with a minor in Math. He plans to find a job after graduation working for the government on software design. He enjoys going to the gym, working with computers, and spending time with his cat Sean. This is his first lab position and is super excited for the experience he will gain.

McKenna Rieker

  McKenna  is a senior from Eustis, Nebraska and is majoring in Psychology with minors in Biology and Chemistry. After graduation, she plans to attend Physician Assistant school and hopes to specialize in emergency medicine or family practice medicine in the future. She enjoys volunteering and working at two hospitals in the community. This is her second research position on campus and she looks forward to exploring her interest in behavior genetics. 

Christine Tack

  Christine is a senior from St. Bonifacius, MN majoring in Psychology with a minor in English. After graduation, she plans to continue onto graduate school and becoming a Clinical Neuropsychologist. On campus, she is involved in the UNL honors program and participates in the No Kill Advocacy Club. This is her first research assistant postion at UNL. 

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