Representative Publications

Publications (Note: * denotes the corresponding author)

Peer reviewed:

Yang, Y, Qin, J, Chen, W, Sui, N, Chen, H, Li, M* (2015): Behavioral and pharmacological investigation of anxiety and maternal responsiveness of postpartum female rats in a pup elevated plus maze. Behavioral Brain Research, 2015 Jul 6; 292:414-27 Abstract

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Invited papers

Li, M*, Mead, A, Bevins, RA (2009) Individual Differences in Responding to Nicotine: Tracking Changes from Adolescence to Adulthood. Acta Pharmacol Sin 2009, Jun; 30 (6): 868–878

Kapur, S, Agid, O, Mizrahi, R, and Li, M (2006) How antipsychotics work—From receptors to reality. NeuroRx, 3 (1), 10-21.

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Book chapters

Fleming, A, and Li, M (2002). Psychobiology of maternal behavior in non-human mammals. Handbook of Parenting (second edition, eds. Marc H. Bornstein), Mahwah, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002.