Graduate Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in our lab!

We are looking to take on a graduate student interested in pursuing graduate work in applied cognitive neuroscience with an emphasis on memory work, and we encourage you to contact us if you are interested in joining us.

Some of the specific things we are looking for include:

1) Demonstrated experience in research.
2) Experience in, or a keen interest to obtain training in, EEG and fMRI research techniques and data analysis.
3) A keen interest in research involving human memory and its neurological bases.
2) Good computer skills. Experience using commonly used software suites (e.g. Excel, Word, SPSS etc.) is expected as is experience in, or at least the aptitude to pick up, new ones.
4) The ability to work in a team as well as independently.
5) A highly motivated attitude in regard to the pursuit of scientific research.

As part of the graduate training in our lab, students who join us can look forward to get training in EEG techniques and analysis (conducted by the developmental brain laboratory as a part of their commendable push towards inter-disciplinary research work) as well as in several commonly used experimental software suites (e.g. Eprime). You would also be getting training in a great lab environment with plenty of opportunities for collaborative and independent work.

If you feel you would fit well with our lab, please get in touch with us. Send us an email at our mailing address (unlcoglab @ introducing yourself and talking as specifically as you can about your interests and goals and how they fit in with our lab.

General information regarding the psychology graduate program at UNL can be found at here where as more specific information about the cognitive program can be found here.