Research Assistants

Past Lab Members


 Ryan Kirkpatrick

I am a Sophomore Psychology major with minors in Spanish and Mathematic.  I am interested in cognitive neuroscience in particular, and some day I hope to get into a graduate program.  I am particularly intrigued by the influence of music on the mind and the various complexities of the brain.  In my free time, I enjoy playing the clarinet, reading, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the college life.   



 Alex O'Donnell

I am a sophomore Psychology and Biological Sciences double major. After my undergraduate studies at UNL, I plan to attend graduate school and earn a PhD. My primary career goal at the moment is to become a clinical neuropsychologist. I find psychopathology to be a fascinating field of study. I am particularly interested in the neurological and biological bases for behavior and mental illness. In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing sports recreationally, and hanging out with friends.  



 Danielle Shultz

I am a sophomore transfer student from Ohio University.  I am a psychology major and hope to attend graduate school for clinical psychology. I grew up in Ohio and moved to Omaha, NE in middle school. I am particularly interested in clinical psychology and neuroscience. Psychology has always intrigued me, and I am so excited to be pursuing it as my career. When I am not busy with school I enjoy listening to various genres of music, relaxing with friends and family, and watching the Husker football games.  




 Lydia Pflanz
I am a sophomore psychology major with a minor in criminal justice and English.  After I graduate I plan on going to graduate school for forensic psychology. My main areas of psychological interest are psychopathology and criminal behavior. In my free time I like to run and bake desserts. Some of my favorite things include being in the sun, goats, and pasta.  


 Kassandra Nolasco

I am a senior Psychology and French double major from Ralston, Nebraska. After graduating I hope to continue my education through a doctorate program. I find the brain to be fascinating in all its complexities.  I am a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc., M.A.S.A. (The Mexican-American Student Association) and Scarlet Guard. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and meeting new people.



Jerry Lund

I'm a senior from the small town of Seward Nebraska and hope to graduate from UNL with a degree in Psychology. Most of my time on campus is spent at two different labs on campus, the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience lab (DCN lab) and of coarse the BRAiN lab. Outside of campus I have a two jobs I bartend and I also DJ. I spend my free time either longboarding or DJing, hanging out with friends and enjoying the crazy collage life


 Derek Preister

I am a Sophomore Psychology major from Norfolk, Nebraska. After graduating from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I plan on continuing my education through a Doctorate program in Cognitive, Quantitative, Behavior and/or Neuroscience Psychology. Pertaining to all of those fields of Psychology, I am especially interested in memory and how the mind operates. When I am not busy with school and work, I enjoy playing and listening to music, playing and watching sports, and relaxing with friends and family.  


 Ryan Nathan

I am currently a Junior majoring in Psychology. I grew up in a small, rural town in Northeastern Nebraska, but have spent the majority of my formidable years in the greater Los Angeles area of California. After graduating I hope to continue my education in a Doctorate program of Clinical Psychology, the alternative would be to start a Led Zeppelin cover band and tour the lower 48. My interests outside of the lab include: reading, listening to music (particularly Blues), the occasional movie, and spending time with family and friends.  

 Shannon Cooney

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, I am pursuing a Psychology and HR Management double major, with minors in economics and Spanish. With a passion for understanding the mind and utilizing this knowledge for increased productivity, I plan on earning my doctorate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology after graduation. I am particularly interested on how personal development in the professional context is influenced by an individual’s personality type.

Outside of the lab and class, I work part time and intern at a start up here in Lincoln, and am a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and UPO. The open slots in my schedule are usually filled with working out, writing short stories and social commentaries, rock climbing with my boyfriend, and enjoying coffee with friends.



 Trevor Mattox

I am a Junior Psychology major from Kearney Nebraska. After graduating from UNL, I am planning on going to graduate school for Cognitive Psychology, and my areas of interest are memory and attention, with the intention to continue in cognitive research. Aside from the BRAiN Lab, I enjoy biking, cooking, getting coffee with friends, and playing or listening to music. 

Margaret (Maggie) Healy
I am a junior Psychology and Spanish major with a minor in Biology.  After graduating I plan on attending graduate school to obtain my PhD with the hopes of working with children.  I volunteer at El Centro de Las Américas teaching English as a second language.  I am also a family representative for Dance Marathon and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  





Claudia Schleppenbach

I am a senior Spanish and psychology major from Dallas, Texas. I am fluent in Spanish and English and know a little bit of German. After graduating UNL I want to attend graduate school in the south for a Ph.D in neuropsychology. I am a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars here at UNL. My hobbies revolve around running, working out and laying out. I currently work as a nanny and in my free time I love to hang out with friends and family!

Joshua Zosky

I am a senior Psychology major at UNL.  I have a previous bachelors degree in English, but hope to follow up this degree with graduate school in cognitive neuropsychology.  Aside from working in the BRAiN Lab, I am also a member of UPO and hope to enter Psi Chi next semester.  When I’m not studying or working on research, I can often be found reading, biking, writing music, skateboarding, repairing computers, or dancing.  My main source of entertainment is found in the kitchen, where I have been mastering classic European cuisine as well as learning molecular gastronomy.  I also have a passion for the philosophies of south-east Asia, and hope to incorporate this and other interests into my research one day.

Katelyn Carstens

I am a senior speech-language pathology major with a minor in psychology. After graduating from UNL I plan to attend graduate school and obtain my masters.  I would ultimately like to either work in a rehabilitation hospital or school as an SLP. I am a member of the Undergraduate Psychology Organization (UPO) and the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) chapter here at UNL.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family.


Marnee Roundtree

My name is Marnee Roundtree and I’m from a tiny town of 19 people named Parks, NE. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I am in the process of obtaining my bachelors degree in Biopsychology and a minor in Dance. With this particular major I hope to get into Medical School and pursue a career in one of the many facets of pediatrics. For the moment I am really leaning in to field of pediatric surgery but with my ever-changing mind, who knows.

 Along with being involved in Dr. Belli’s Brain lab, I am also an active member of Gamma Phi-Beta, on the Arts and Sciences Advisory Board, a member of the UNL Running Club, UNL Pre-Med and Pre-Health clubs, and currently looking to begin volunteering at the pediatric center in Bryan LGH hospitals. I also have a part-time job as a swimming lesson supervisor and instructor at the Northeast YMCA in Lincoln, NE. As for my free time I spend much of it sleeping and/or running, catching up with friends, watching movies, and all the cliché college experiences.



Katie Herrick

 I am a senior Psychology major with a business minor. I have always been in the human mind which is what initially drew me to the subject. My particular interests are in cognitive psych. I want to understand how things are processed and how things are stored within a complex system. I am a huge fan of puzzles and this area of study and research allows me to try and solve an endless puzzle... the brain.


  Kelli Krueger
I am a senior psychology undergraduate student from Topeka, KS. Eventually, I would like to be a counseling psychologist and plan to attend graduate school next year to begin working towards my masters. Currently, I volunteer with the Heartland Big Brother Big Sisters program and Voices of Hope. In my spare time I enjoy playing sand volleyball and cheering on the Husker football team!



Tara Baker

 Tara Baker is a senior psychology major at UNL with a minor in philosophy. Currently, she is a member of the Undergraduate Psychology Organization (UPO) and assists in various research projects outside of the classroom. Her experience in cognitive research includes testing the life story account of reminiscence in addition to the typicality effect with cultural life scripts. At this time she is also contributing to several research projects dealing with law and human behavior. After graduating she plans to attend graduate school with a specific interest in law-psych.



 Jordan Pfeifer
I am a senior psychology major with a minor in biology. I will be graduating this May and attending graduate school to receive my master's in Occupational Therapy. My hobbies include hanging out with friends, TV watching, and being involved in Dance Marathon. I love working with kids and hope to one day be able to. I am interested in research for the experience that it can bring me and I love getting involved.

 Joseph Burr
Hello there! My name is Joe. I am a sophomore/transfer psychology major.  I enjoy almost all things academic. But, in my spare time, I run, workout, and teach taekwondo…when I’m not tutoring, or doing Newman center activities. I really love people, they’re very fascinating. But, I’m not much of an extrovert. I prefer to get to know someone in a one on one walk/talk. So, if you also enjoy talking about how fascinating/hilarious/absurd we all are, I’m definitely up for that discussion.


Members from way back when, before we had a website!

Alyssa Lundahl

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