Undergraduate Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in our lab!

We are always interested in bright motivated undergraduate research assistants. Generally research assistants in our lab work in one of two areas, the first being our behavioral research efforts and the second being our work in cognitive neuroscience research. Details on these roles follow.

Our behavioral assistants assist in running experimental sessions where behavioral data is collected, typically in the computer lab. Being involved in this aspect of our lab will provide you with the opportunity to experience actual research project work at various stages from inception to publication (depending on when you join and how long you stay!) as well as the opportunity to get training in several commonly used experimental software programs.

Our cognitive neuroscience assistants assist in the gathering of EEG data. Being involved in this aspect of our lab will provide you with the opportunity to get training in EEG techniques (conducted by the developmental brain laboratory as a part of their commendable push towards inter-disciplinary research work) and commonly used experimental software suites in this area (e.g. Eprime). Given the need for training and practice in EEG data gathering before one is able to make an active contribution to the lab, we are looking for sophomores and first semester juniors who are able to make a one and a half year commitment to our lab (highly motivated and committed freshmen are also welcome to apply).

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch! Send us an email at our mailing address (unlcoglab @ live.com) introducing yourself with some details as to what your interests are and how joining our lab will help you meet your goals.