Psychology 970: Evidence-Based Clinical Interviewing

This is a 3-credit graduate course designed to develop clinical interviewing skills within an evidence-based practice (EBP) framework. EBP matches empirically supported evidence with patient preferences/characteristics and utilizes these sources of information to improve/direct clinical judgment. Consistent with EBP tenets, course goals are to training Motivational Interviewing skills (Miller & Rollnick, 2002) as well as develop case conceptualization, differential diagnostic and functional assessment skills within the EBP framework. The culmination of the course is to learn and conduct psychological intake produces within our Psychological Consultation Center. Clinical graduate students enroll in this course during their second semester of their first year.

Psychology 981: Clinical Intervention

This is a 3-credit graduate course designed to enhance students conceptualization/formulation skills, practice non-specific therapeutic responses to clients, implement evidence-based treatments practices, build a professional identity as a scientist-practitioner and improve assessment and overall therapeutic skills.  Students are expected to carry a client load of two individuals and conduct psychotherapy under live supervision of the instructor.  The course is the first therapeutic exposure to clients and assists in the student's preparation for the clinical Masters degree.

Psychology 498: Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment

This 3-credit undergraduate online course is designed to provide an overview of empirically-supported substance abuse treatments. Topics cover Relapse Prevention, Community Reinforcement Approach, Mindfulness Approaches, 12-Step Facilitation, Motivational Interviewing and Contingency Management. Students are required to write three papers that integrate empirically-supported treatment with patient characteristics. Papers will compare and contracts various treatments associated with certain classes of substances (e.g., psycho-stimulants, alcohol?) and discuss which patient characteristics are important to consider when treating the client. A graduate level version of this course is being developed for Summer 2010.

Psychology 424/828: Health Psychology

This 3-credit undergraduate and graduate course is designed to provide an overview of health psychology, evidence-based approaches and general function within health care facilities.  We cover health risk behaviors and medical conditions that are associated with psychological modification.  There is an online summer course offering as well as an in class offering during the Spring semester.  The in class offering will be taught every other year.