Whether you are trying to determine what types of jobs you can obtain with a psychology degree, or know exactly what you want to do after graduation and need advice on how to land your dream job, there is a wealth of information available to assist you with your career decision-making. Two of the valuable career resources available to you include:

  • UNL Career Services is a centralized, comprehensive career center for students, alumni, faculty, and employers. Through career counseling and career exploration services, you will be assisted with developing job-search and career decision-making skills and strategies. Along with advisors, Career Services can help you with self, occupational and job exploration to prepare you for the workforce, professional or graduate school, or alternative employment.
  • The Psychology Advisors - As always, you are encouraged to make an appointment via MyPlan (instructions for making an appointment) with a Psychology Advisor to discuss your career plans in more detail.

Career Exploration

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do anything with a bachelor’s degree in psychology? If so, be rest assured it is not true! Perhaps the reason this myth continues to be perpetuated is because the most common career goal of undergraduate psychology students is to become a counselor or psychologist, which are goals that require graduate degrees and cannot be reached with only a bachelor’s degree.

Other common career interests of psychology majors include health occupations and law, most of which require advanced education beyond the bachelor’s degree. So, while it is accurate to state, “You can’t be a counselor/psychologist/doctor/lawyer with a bachelor’s degree in psychology,” it is inaccurate to state, “You can’t do anything with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.”

Another factor leading to this myth is the fact that a psychology major can lead to a multitude of career paths. Many majors such as accounting, computer science and engineering lead directly to those specific occupations. However, a bachelor’s degree in psychology can lead to a wide variety of career paths in fields such as human services, business, education, or government just to name a few. Therefore, it is clear to see that “You can do almost anything with a bachelor’s degree in psychology!”

To learn more about what you can do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, please visit the What Can I Do With This Major? website. You may also want to look at the career paths of recent UNL Psychology graduates.

For more extensive information regarding psychology careers, degrees and licensure, please visit AllPsychologyCareers.com

Wondering which courses you should take based on the psychology career field in which you are interested? Refer to our Suggested Courses by Career Field chart.

Finding a Career in Psychology