Related Research and Clinical Opportunities

Lincoln Regional Center - Whitehall Program

The psychology extern at the Whitehall adolescent sex offender program is responsible for administering, scoring, and writing results of all assessments for newly admitted youth. The extern is responsible for conducting intake risk assessments within 3 days of admission to the program as well as a more detailed follow-up psychological evaluation that includes personality, cognitive functioning, trauma, suicide, violence risk, and sex offense risk assessment issues. Other responsibilities include leading and facilitating CBT groups designed to help the adolescents build effective social skills and coping skills in order to prepare them for transition into public school or other community settings. If possible the extern attends and participates in the interdisciplinary team meetings.


Rite of Passage Uta Halee Academy

Rite of Passage Uta Halee Academy is a residential setting for adolescent females with a variety of behavioral and emotional issues. The extern’s time is spent primarily conducting assessments for clients at admission to the program and developing individualized treatment recommendations based on assessment results. Typical assessment measures administered  include behavioral/emotional checklists (e.g., BASC-3), cognitive screeners (e.g., WASI), substance abuse screeners (e.g., SASSI-A2), and other appropriate measures based on referral issues. In addition to assessment services, the extern has opportunities to provide consultation with clinical and education staff, participate in multidisciplinary team meetings, and conduct treatment groups addressing common issues such as trauma, substance abuse, and emotion regulation.