Terrence "Zach" Huit, B.A.

Prior to University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Zach Huit received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from North Central University in Minneapolis, MN.  Currently, he is a transfer student at UNL pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He is a current member of PSI CHI, an international psychology honor society, and is the secretary of the Undergraduate Psychology Organization (UPO).

In the Child Maltreatment Lab, Zach works with Project SAFE and performs coding tasks, data entry, and computer scoring for the parent/child database.  He also assists with child and sibling care for Project Safe as well as administering assessments to families. Additionally, he assists with coordination of training for new undergraduate research assistants.    

Zach is also involved as a research assistant in the Clinical Research Laboratory with Dr. Debra Hope and the Legal Decision Making/Subtle Prejudice Laboratory with Dr. Richard Wiener and Dr. Sarah Gervais. The Clinical research Laboratory focuses on anxiety, gender, and sexual orientation.  Duties of this position include assisting the graduate students' research projects by collaboration on experimental design, data entry and coding, and running participants in experimental procedures. The Legal Decision Making/Subtle Prejudice Lab focuses on discrimination and implications for legal processes. Duties of this position include running participants in experimental procedures, data entry, and video editing.    

After receiving his undergraduate degree in May 2015, Zach plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a research focus on child maltreatment, more specifically in post-sexual abuse symptomologies in understudied populations and factors related to re-victimization processes.

Professional Presentations

Huit, T. Z., Grandgenett, H. M., Kugler, J. M., Vanderheiden, S. B., Morton, A., Pittenger, S. L., & Hansen, D. J. (2014, November). The role of peer and parental relationships on internalizing symptom presentation following child sexual abuse. Poster presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies National Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Brungardt, K. L., Morton, A., Helem, C., Kugler, J., Huit, Z., West, T., & Hansen, D. J. (2013, November). Nonoffending paternal caregiver support: Association with initial symptom presentation and family functioning for sexually abused youth. Poster presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Nashville, TN.