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PicChristopher D. Kimbrough, M.S., M.L.S.
Law / Psychology Ph.D. Student
Department of Psychology

Office: Burnett Hall 71
Email: christopher.kimbrough@huskers.unl.edu
Lab site: Jury, Justice and Eyewitness Research Group

Christopher D. Kimbrough grew up north of Seattle, received his B.A. in Psychology and M.S. in Experimental Psychology from Western Washington University, and his M.L.S. (Master of Legal Studies) from the University of Nebraska College of Law.
When he’s not teaching or researching, he considers himself a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan, amateur movie fanatic, rider of bikes, and selective player of video games.

Most recent movie seen that blew his mind: Interstellar.

Current video game taking up his leisure time: Valkyria Chronicles.

Christopher’s research focuses on legal decision-making, both at the individual juror and larger jury levels. Specifically, what sorts of factors go into a jury’s decisions, e.g., comprehension of judicial instructions, persuasiveness of attorney arguments, perceptions of the defendant and eyewitnesses, and small-group dynamics within the deliberation room, in addition to extralegal factors such as religion and social status. He is a member of Brian Bornstein’s Jury, Justice and Eyewitness research group here at UNL. For more information about that lab, please click here. In addition, he is part of the Trust and Confidence research group at the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center. For more information about that group, please click here.