Peer-reviewed Articles

Kimbrough, C. D., Herian, M. N., Rottman, D. B., Bornstein, B. H., & Tomkins, A. J. (2014). The verdict is in: Judge and administrator perceptions of state court governance. Justice System Journal.

Manuscripts Under Review

Laub, C. E., Kimbrough, C. D., & Bornstein, B. H. (2014). Mock juror perceptions of eyewitnesses vs. earwitnesses: Do safeguards help?

Book Chapters

Devenport, J. L., Kimbrough, C. D., & Cutler, B. L. (2009).  Effectiveness of traditional safeguards against erroneous conviction arising from mistaken eyewitness identification. In B. Cutler (Ed.), Expert Testimony on the Psychology of Eyewitness Identification. (51-68) New York, NY: Oxford University Press.