Prospective Students

Prospective Graduate Students
Prospective graduate students often ask "Are you taking a student this year?"  At the UNL Clinical Psychology Training Program we admit students to the program, not a particular lab.  That being said, in most years, one or two students in the incoming class work primarily in our lab for their research.

Successful applicants show a strong promise for both research and clinical work.  Much of our research involves the provision of psychological services and I believe that the best clinical researchers are also competent clinicians who have a deep understanding of the nature of psychopathology as it presents in the real individuals and process of change in cognitive behavioral interventions.

Applicants with interests in the following areas are probably the best fit:  anxiety disorders (especially social anxiety, including the gender effect in anxiety, assessment and cognitive behavioral treatment, dissemination of the best treatment and telehealth) and mental health impacts of discrimination and stigma (especially for sexual minorities or individuals who identify as transgender but more broadly as well).  Applicants primarily interested in PTSD would not find our lab to be as good of a fit as we see fewer cases of PTSD in our Anxiety Disorders Clinic.

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Prospective Undergraduate Students
We always have a number of undergraduate research assistants working in the lab.  Duties vary from semester to semester and from project to project but typically including helping manage data and serving as an experimenter or confederate in research studies.  Undergraduate RAs are asked to commit at least 6 hours per week on average and must complete the CITI training in ethics, sign a confidentiality statement and attend a weekly meeting.  RAs must sign up for research credit during the first semester they are in the lab but can propose to work on a volunteer basis after that.  Undergraduates wishing to complete an independent project, including a UCARE project or honors thesis should typically have been in the lab for at least a semester before proposing their own project.  We welcome students who wish to start in the lab in their first year on campus and then progress through different roles and greater responsibility over time.  Contact Prof. Hope at if you wish to apply to be an undergraduate RA.

Prof. Hope was recently honored with the Faculty Appreciation Award for McNair Scholars. Click here to see what her former students had to say about her (page 2 of newsletter).