Current Projects

The LMHT Lab has several ongoing and upcoming projects.  Below is a brief summary of a few ongoing and planned projects.

Mobile Mental Health

Disaster Victims: In collaboration with investigators at the Medical University of South Carolina, Dr. Andrews helped develop a disaster mental health app. Specifically, Dr. Andrews led the development of the PTSD treatment portion. This app is currently being tested with victims of Irma, Harvey, and Maria.  The LMHT Lab is also leading the translation of the app.

Rural Nebraska: As part of the MERP for Allura Ralston, a co-mentee with Dr. Hope, the LMHT Lab is working to adapt a mobile application for mental health treatment in rural Nebraska. Initial phases focus on barriers to the use of apps and strategies for addressing them.

Addressing Other Barriers to Interventions 

Spanish-language version of WET: The LMHT lab translated Written Exposure Therapy, a novel PTSD treatment that appears to address significant barriers to treatment. The lab is currently conducting a pilot trial of the intervention while seeking feedback from providers and patients regarding barriers to completing the intervention.

Fotonovelas and social networks: Dr. Andrews recently received an NIH funding through the Great Plain IDeA-CTR in order to develop a fotonovela for Latinx victims of violence. The project will involve novel applications of social network modeling to test how networks (e.g., friends or family) influence service utilization and other help seeking.

Sources of Stress for Latinx Immigrants

Immigration trauma: Dr. Andrews is also starting a series of studies to better investigate the frequency and impact of traumatic events that occur during immigration for Latinxs.  This includes investigating the diversity of immigration experiences, particularly ones in which immigration itself is a potentially traumatic event.  Finally, these projects will explore factors that may exacerbate the impact of immigration trauma, such as discrimination stress.

Discrimination: The LMHT lab is currently conducting a series of studies examining predictors of discrimination toward Latinx immigrants and the impact of discrimination. The studies will examine how other stressors, such as prior trauma exposure, may increase the effect of discrimination for Latinx immigrant.