Current Projects

The LMHT Lab has several ongoing and upcoming projects.  Below is a brief summary of a few planned projects.

Mobile mental health for Latin@s in rural Nebraska: Dr. Andrews will be collaborating the Dr. Deb Hope and her lab to adapt a mobile application for mental health treatment in rural Nebraska. Portions of this project are led by Allura Ralston, a co-mentee of Dr. Hope and Dr. Andrews.

Treatment barriers to novel PTSD interventions: Building on prior work that potential makes PTSD interventions dramatically more accessible, Dr. Andrews will be collecting data from local health professionals and Latin@ community members regarding barriers to multiple novel PTSD interventions.

Sources of Stress for Latin@ Immigrants: 

Immigration trauma: Dr. Andrews is also starting a series of studies to better investigate the frequency and impact of traumatic events that occur during immigration for Latin@s.  This includes investigating the diversity of immigration experiences, particularly ones in which immigration itself is a potentially traumatic event.  Finally, these projects will explore factors that may exacerbate the impact of immigration trauma, such as discrimination stress.