Jenna Perkins, M.A., J.D.

Educational Background

University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law, J.D., 2010

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ph.D. in Social/Law Psychology, in progress.

Castleton State College, M.A., 2005

Ithaca College, B.A., 2003


Research Interest

My research focuses on the intersection of psychology and law.  Specifically, I am interested in restorative justice initiatives (i.e. apologies) and their impact on juror sentencing.  I also have public policy interests with relation to Native America women and domestic violence, and international human rights law/ human rights violations.



Russell, B., Perkins, J., & Grinnell, H. (2008). Interviewees’ overuse of the word “like” and

hesitations: Effects in simulated hiring decisions. Psychological Reports, 102, 111–118.