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Article on PASS SIG in The Behavior Therapist

Don’t miss the excellent article by Snyder, Spaulding, and Sullivan regarding the PASS SIG published in the ABCT October 2016 edition of The Behavior Therapist (p. 291): Schizophrenia and other SMI SIG: after 30 years, still the forgotten stepchild

Or this article about graduate training in CBTp (p. 12): Graduate Training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis: The Approaches of Three Generations of Clinical Researchers.

SMI in the News:

USA Today article on people with schizophrenia and police interactions

Recent New York Times article discussing collaborative decision-making approaches for people with schizophrenia

Meta-Cognitive Training for Psychosis Manuals Available Online

The free download is permitted on the understanding that any commercial use is prohibited. Copyright regulations apply (e.g., no manipulation of material, no incorporation of slides into other programs without prior consultation of the authors). Via the links on this website, you can download the MCT modules and homework. Please also see two new modules that highlight self-esteem and dealing with stigma, which can be run in addition to the standard modules, or as standalone sessions.