SMI SIG-Related Events at the 2017 ABCT Conference (all times listed are PST)

Thursday, November 16th

7PM - 8:30 PM: Community Forum on Serious Mental Illnesses. Sapphire 411.  This event is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  Presenters will include Eric Granholm, PhD (also the Trailblazer Award Recipient this year), Mary Sullivan, MSW, Shirley Glynn, PhD, and Jerome Yoman, PhD.  

Friday, November 17th

8:30-10 AM: Clinical Round Table “Enhancing recovery from PTSD with co-occurring psychosis in veterans” (Perivoliotis, Gallegos-Rodriguez, Eichler, Alessandri, Allard). Cobalt 501 (lvl 5).

10:15-11:45 AM: Symposium 20 “From engagement to treatment: the role of culture and race in the treatment of psychosis” (Meyer-Kalos, Meyer-Kalos, Weisman de Mamani, Gurak, Brown, Zarate). Sapphire Ballroom OP (lvl 4)

1:30-3:00 PM: SIG Meeting – Special Interest Group: Schizophrenia and other Serious Mental Illness. Sapphire 411 (lvl 4).  This meeting will include the presentation of the Trailblazer Award to Eric Granholm, PhD and a presentation by him on his work.  More information available on Trailblazer Awards here.  

1:45-3:15 PM: Symposium 37 “Immigrant status and the duration of untreated psychosis in U.S. Latinos with first-episode psychosis. (Lopez, Lopez, Kopelowicz, Hernandez, Gamez, Penn). Indigo Ballroom E (lvl 2).

4:15-5:45 PM: Symposium 60 “Implementation of evidence-based practice for serious mental illness in community mental health systems. (Granholm, Morse, Aarons, Mueser, Monroe-Devita, Kopelovich). Indigo ballroom A (lvl 2)

6:30-8:30 PM: SIG Expo – Friday night welcoming cocktail party / SIG exposition (including 12 posters from the Schizophrenia/SMI SIG!). Sapphire Ballroom (lvl 4).

8:30-10:00 PM: Individual site parties (don’t miss Nebraska!). Location TBD 

Saturday, November 18th

8-11 AM: Workshop 9 “Thinking skills for work: cognitive remediation to improve work in people with serious mental illness. (McGurk, Mueser). Cobalt 500 (lvl 5).

11-12 AM: Symposium 81 “Self-stigma among people with serious mental illness: health, sense of belonging, and proactive coping. (Treichler, Travaglini, Gidugu, Lucksted). Aqua Salon AB (lvl 3) 

12-1:30 PM: Symposium 85 “Understanding the role of diversity in treatment response to rehabilitative approaches in schizophrenia” (Reddy, Spaulding, Fiszdon, Nagendra, Kern, Light). Aqua Salon E&F (lvl 3)

12:15-1:15 PM: Poster session PS11, range #A14-#A25. Indigo Ballroom (lvl 2)

3:30-5:00 PM: Symposium 110 “Approaches to treatment personalization for serious mental illness across the biopsychosocial spectrum (Tarasenko, Mueser, Glynn, Treichler, Gallegos). Sapphire Ballroom IJ (lvl 4)

3:30-5:00 PM: Mini workshop 19 “Recovery-oriented cognitive therapy for schizophrenia: an evidence-based program for individuals with schizophrenia, in and out of the hospital (Grant, Brinen, Inverso, Beck). Sapphire 410 (lvl 4)

5:00ish-whenever PM: SIG Happy Hour! Join us at Mariscos el Pulpo 

Early career / student specific events

Friday, November 17th

8:30-11 AM: Internship training site overview and Meet and greet. Aqua Salon AB (lvl 3).

11:15-12:15 AM: Postgrad panel – “Postdoctoral paths for professional development” Aqua Salon AB (lvl 3)

Sunday, November 19th 

8:10-10am AM: Research and professional development 7 “Careers in clinical psychology: which path makes sense for me?” (Wilhelm, Nock, Grayson, Kamholz, Siev). Indigo 202, (lvl 2).

****If you would rather have the events in a Google calendar, please click here for all SIG-related events and here for early career/student specific events (click forward to November and please remember, times are all PST).  Alternatively, here is a printable PDF.  

ABCT 2016 Recap & Information

CBT workshop: In addition to Thursday workshops organized by related SIGs such as Dissemination and Implementation or Neurocognitive Therapies / Translational Research, a group of international experts on cognitive training and CBT for psychosis (CBTp) presented a free and open workshop on implementing CBTp.  The public forum attracted 60 attendees, at least 10 of whom were community members. Special thanks to Jay Boll, Emily Kingman, Alice Medalia, Kim Mueser, Til Wykes, and Lisa Dixon.

Symposia and Panels with “Schizophrenia” tag: Several unique presentations discussed treatment and implementation for first-episode psychosis, two presentations focused on prodromal/high-risk treatment and on social cognitive development, and other “Schizophrenia” presentations focused on diversity, stigma, and institutionalized biases, as well as exercise-based interventions. It was a busy year.

SIG activities: The SIG meeting this year included the presentation of the Trailblazer award to Steve Silverstein (more information available under the "Trailblazer Award" tab) as well as the first (annual?) Schizophrenia/SMI SIG Happy Hour.  Full minutes from the business portion of the SIG meeting are available here.  Information about the SIG poster session, as well as other relevant posters, is available under the "SIG Posters" tab.  

Other activities: Many SIG members attended ABCT’s many professional development opportunities (e.g., meet & greets, student and early career development panels, and Friday night training site parties). Many also took advantage of a healthy dose of presentations regarding transdiagnostic principles and conducting clinical research in an increasingly biomedical funding environment. 

Article on SMI SIG in The Behavior Therapist

Don’t miss the excellent article by Synder, Spaulding, and Sullivan regarding the SMI SIG published in the ABCT October 2016 edition of The Behavior Therapist (p. 291): Schizophrenia and other SMI SIG: after 30 years, still the forgotten stepchild

SMI in the News:

USA Today article on people with schizophrenia and police interactions

Recent New York Times article discussing collaborative decision-making approaches for people with schizophrenia

Meta-Cognitive Training for Psychosis Manuals Available Online

The free download is permitted on the understanding that any commercial use is prohibited. Copyright regulations apply (e.g., no manipulation of material, no incorporation of slides into other programs without prior consultation of the authors). Via the links on this website, you can download the MCT modules and homework. Please also see two new modules that highlight self-esteem and dealing with stigma, which can be run in addition to the standard modules, or as standalone sessions.