Schizophrenia and Other Serious Mental Disorders Special Interest Group 

Welcome to the web page of the Schizophrenia and Other Serious Mental Disorders Special Interest Group (SOSMD-SIG) of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT)!  We invite you to join our SIG and make it your professional home.  

For additional information about the SIG's activities at ABCT, please see the "News" and "SIG Poster" tabs.  

Who We Are:

SIG members are researchers, clinicians, program directors, and/or administrators pursuing the development, dissemination, and implementation of evidence-based cognitive-behavioral interventions (e.g., social skills training, cognitive therapy, cognitive remediation, illness management, behavioral family therapy) for people with serious mental disorders. We also have many student members preparing for these careers. 

Mission Statement:

The Schizophrenia and Other Serious Mental Disorders Special Interest Group promotes networking, information sharing, and collaboration among mental health professionals and students interested in innovative behavioral and cognitive treatments, basic and applied research, effective community treatment/rehabilitation/recovery programs, and public policy issues related to schizophrenia and other serious mental disorders (particularly those on the schizophrenia spectrum).

Our Programs:

  1. Convention:  The annual ABCT Convention, usually held in November, is the culmination of the SOSMD-SIG’s  activities for the year:
  • Member collaborations are prominent among the research symposia, panel discussions, and workshops on serious mental disorders at the convention. 
  • ABCT's SIG Exposition (Poster Session): Current and recent students are invited to submit posters for this event to be considered for the SOSMD-SIG’s Student Research Award
  • SIG meeting: Annual meeting of SIG members
    • Opportunities for networking
    • Presentation of Student Research Award
    • Presentation of Trailblazer Award to a mental health scientist-practitioner who has made a pioneering impact on the understanding and treatment of persons with serious mental disorders, including a talk by recipient (or other presentation by leading researcher in a year when there is no award).

     2. Year-round Opportunities for Networking, Collaboration, and Information Sharing:

  • This website: News and events (including training opportunities) related to serious mental disorders posted
  • Facebook Page ( Schizophrenia@ABCT): Social networking with members
  • Google Groups Listserv: Send messages to large swath of SOSMD-SIG members to network, share your news, and (with pre-approval) publicize your events.


Please see the "News" tab for information about upcoming trainings, the "Membership" tab for more information on how to join the SIG, and the "Leadership" tab for more information on our SIG's leadership, including contact information.


If you have information you think would be helpful to include on the website, please email both Jerome Yoman (President) and Andrea Avila (website moderator).  



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