ABCT 2018 is right around the corner!

The 52nd Annual ABCT Convention will be held in Washington DC on November 15-18th!  Please click here for more information, including registration, hotel information, and schedules!

For an online calendar of specifically SIG related events, please click here, or click here for a printable PDF.  Online calendars for professional development presentations and other presentations of interest are also available. 

Below is information about the provider forum on Thursday evening (FREE!  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!).  Information about the SIG poster session, including a list of accepted posters, can be found on our SIG Posters page. 



Please plan to include our third annual pre-convention Provider Forum in your convention plans!  It will occur on Thursday, November 15th, 2018, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Coolidge Room of the Washington Marriott Wardman Park:

Provider Forum: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychotic Spectrum Disorders

Cognitive behavioral therapy for psychotic disorders is an evidence-based psychotherapeutic intervention that is recommended by United States schizophrenia treatment guidelines. Based on recent estimates, fewer than 1% of individuals with a psychotic disorder are able to access this treatment in the United States. This panel brings together members of the newly-formed North American Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis Network (NACBTpN) to provide an overview of what CBT for psychosis is and how it is helpful to those with psychosis, to discuss barriers related to accessing CBTp in the United States and Canada, and to present on innovative implementation strategies currently underway by members of this professional body. Panel attendees will come away from this forum with a better understanding of CBTp theory and techniques and will hear about best practices for CBTp implementation strategies. This panel is ideal for both clinicians and non-clinicians who are interested in learning more about CBTp, agency administrators who are interested in training their workforce in CBTp, and state mental health administrators who wish to increase access to CBTp in their state or region.

Panelists (in alphabetical order): 

Dr. Jennifer Gottlieb is a licensed clinical psychologist in Massachusetts, Assistant Professor at Boston University, and the vice president and founding member of the North American CBTp Network.

Dr. Sarah Kopelovich is a licensed clinical psychologist in Washington, Assistant Professor and Endowed Professor of CBT for Psychosis at the University of Washington School of Medicine, and co-communications officer and founding member of the North American CBTp Network.

Dr. Sally Riggs is a licensed clinical psychologist, founder and director of NYC CBTp, and the president and founding member of the North American CBTp Network.

We will be inviting providers from the DC community to join in the conversation. 



ABCT 2017 Recap & Information

Community Forum on SMI:  On Thursday, our SIG provided a forum focused on treatment of Serious Mental Illness, which was free and open to the public.  Special thanks to our presenters, Mary Sullivan, MSWShirley Glynn, PhD, and Jerome Yoman, PhD.  

Symposia and Panels with “Schizophrenia” tag: Several unique presentations discussed treatment for a variety of psychosis-related topics, including co-occuring psychosis and PTSD, diversity considerations in treatment of psychosis, including immigration status, implementation in community mental health settings, cognitive remediation, and self-stigma.  It was a busy year.

SIG activities: The SIG meeting this year included the presentation of the Trailblazer award to Eric Granholm (more information available under the "Trailblazer Award" tab) as well as the second annual Schizophrenia/SMI SIG Happy Hour.  Information about the SIG poster session, as well as other relevant posters, is available under the "SIG Posters" tab.  

Other activities: Many SIG members attended ABCT’s many professional development opportunities (e.g., meet & greets, student and early career development panels, and Friday night training site parties). Many also took advantage of a healthy dose of other enlightening presentations.  


Article on SMI SIG in The Behavior Therapist

Don’t miss the excellent article by Synder, Spaulding, and Sullivan regarding the SMI SIG published in the ABCT October 2016 edition of The Behavior Therapist (p. 291): Schizophrenia and other SMI SIG: after 30 years, still the forgotten stepchild


SMI in the News:

USA Today article on people with schizophrenia and police interactions

Recent New York Times article discussing collaborative decision-making approaches for people with schizophrenia

Meta-Cognitive Training for Psychosis Manuals Available Online

The free download is permitted on the understanding that any commercial use is prohibited. Copyright regulations apply (e.g., no manipulation of material, no incorporation of slides into other programs without prior consultation of the authors). Via the links on this website, you can download the MCT modules and homework. Please also see two new modules that highlight self-esteem and dealing with stigma, which can be run in addition to the standard modules, or as standalone sessions.