Training Resources for Students

This page is intended to provide a starting place for students who are interested in pursuing specialized training in psychotic spectrum disorders at the graduate level and beyond.  Each of the training programs listed below have publicly identified themselves as opportunities to learn about the assessment and treatment of psychotic spectrum disorders in a variety of settings.  Each program name links to the program website, and specifically, to the track or research group with relevant interests; for additional information, please review the program website and contact the program director/faculty representative.  If you are an PASS-SIG Student Member (membership is free for students!), please contact the Student Outreach Coordinators to inquire if any current PASS-SIG members have relationships with program faculty, students, or alumni.  

DisclaimerThe PASS-SIG does not endorse or certify the following training programs in any way.  This list is merely a compilation of training programs PASS-SIG members have observed to publicly advertise themselves as providing specialized training in assessment and treatment of psychosis and psychotic spectrum disorders. If you believe this list has an error, by omission or inclusion, or requires an update (e.g., a faculty member changes universities) please contact both the website moderator and the SIG president.  

Click here for the APA’s directory of all APA-accredited graduate, internship, and postdoctoral training programs. Some suggested keyword search terms: serious/severe mental illness, psychosis, schizophrenia.  Additionally, Division 18 of the APA also has resources for students.  


APA-Accredited Clinical Psychology PhD Programs (listed alphabetically)

For additional, general information on Clinical Psychology Training Programs, please click here.  


APA-Accredited Internship Programs (listed alphabetically)

For the APPIC directory, which includes both APA-accredited and non-accredited internships and postdoctoral training opportunities, click here. Some suggested key word search terms: serious/severe mental illness, psychosis, schizophrenia.


APA-Accredited Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities