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WELCOME to the home page for the Serious Mental Illness Research Group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln!

Our research and clinical work, under the direction of William Spaulding, Ph.D., focuses on an array of areas that ultimately contribute to providing quality services for individuals experiencing serious mental illness (SMI).

Research in the SMI Research group explores biological, psychological, social, neuropsychological, and environmental factors that contribute to psychopathology, with an area emphasis on psychosis and schizophrenia. Additional areas of research include dissemination and implementation of evidence-based services, social justice, and policy related to the treatment of persons with SMI.

Aims of our research include early identification of and prevention/early intervention efforts for individuals at risk for psychopathology prior to onset of illness, identification of novel treatment targets, improvement of extant treatment interventions, effective methods to address barriers to service dissemination and implementation, as well as advocacy initiatives and policy changes that tackle obstacles faced by persons with SMI. For more information on our research, please visit our current research projects page.


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