Law Psych & Social Psychology Brown bag

The Law Psych and Social Psychology brown bag series features speakers and presentations relating to the law , broadly defined.  The talks take place every other Tuesday at 12:30 p.m.  At present, all sessions will be on zoom.  If anything changes later in the term, we will post updated room information for talks. 

Date, name, topic

February 2nd 

  Amanda Baildon

Academic Twitter

February 16th 

  Kayla Burd

Pulling Away from the Trigger: The Influence of Purpose in Life and Self-Affirmation on Decisions to Shoot.  

March 2nd

  Casey Tisdale


March 16th

  APLS Practice Talks

March 30th

  Susan Vanderplas

  Inconclusives in Forensic Evidence

April 13th

  Julie Wertheimer


April 27th

  Emma Marshall