On this page you will find recent news regarding the Social and Cognitive program in addition to links to news stories both internal and external to the university.  Similar and past announcements appear on the Program Recognition page


Congratulations to Katy Holland who won the "2020 Early Career Research Award Grant" from APA Division 35, Section 4 Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns

Congratulations to Jeff Stevens who was appointed as a Susan J. Rosowski Associate Professor from the University Professorships Committee

Congratulations to Mike Dodd who is a Co-I on a grant awarded to Sarah Haigh (University of Nevada - Reno), "Auditory Biomarkers in Schizotypy"

Congratulations to Maital Neta, who was selected to participate in the UNL Research Leaders Program

Congratulations to Kate Hazen, who received the Graduate Teaching Award for Research Mentorship

Congratulations to Kate Hazen who accepted a visiting professor position at Creighton University.

Congratulations to Colin Holloway, who accepted a resident assistant professor position at Creighton University.

Congratulations to Josh Zosky, who received a Dean's Fellowship for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Congratulations to Bob Belli on his retirement following a very fruitful research career


Congratulations to Jeff Stevens on a very successful second annual Dogfest

Congratulations to Jeff Stevens and Anne Schutte who were Co-Organizers of the 67th Nebraska Symposium on Motivation - Nature and Psychology: How the Natural World Shapes our Cognition

Congratulations to Sarah Gervais, who was selected to participate in the inaugural UNL Faculty Leadership Program

Congratulations to Nick Hubbard, who received a NARSAD Young Investigator Award: Prediction of depression symptoms trajectories across adolescence

Congratulations to Sarah Gervais, who received an R01 from the National Insitute of Health/NIAA: Promoting prosocial bystander behavior in intoxicated men.

Congratulations to Sarah Gervais, who received a Great Plains IDeA-CTR grant: Using virtual reality (VR) to assess the efficacy of a MI intervention to increase bystander intervention behaviors

Congratulations to Undergraduates Aaron Halvorsen (Johnson) and Joshua Warren (Dodd), who were undergraduate poster award winners at the annual research fair. 

Congratulations to Undergraduate Alexius Hartman (Gervais), who received the Wolfe award, presented annually to the outstanding senior psychology major.

Congratulations to Graduate student Catie Brown (Neta) won both the Graduate Student Teaching award and the Teacher of the Year award (the latter being voted on by psychology undergraduates)

Congratulations to Eve Brank, who was awarded Fellow Status in the American Psychological Association


Jeff Stevens has created the Canine Cognition and Human Interaction lab focusing on dog cognition and dog-human interaction.  A number of links to lab publicity appear below in the links section

Congratulations to Rich Wiener for receiving the Distinguished Service Award from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI)

Congratulations to Maital Neta who received an NSF Career Award (Functional brain networks mediating positivity bias in healthy aging) 

Congratulations to Abbey Riemer for receiving the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award for Research Mentoring

Congratulations to Jeff Stevens who is a co-recipient of a new partnership seed funding program in the College of Arts and Sciences


Congratulations to Hazel Delgado who received an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant- Awarded by the National Science Foundation’s Law and Social Science Program. Motivation through GAS: A new frontier for risk management in adult probation

Congratulations to Melanie Fessinger who received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2017-2022

Congratulations to Kate Hazen who was elected Chair of the American Psychology and Law Society Student Committee (APA, Div. 41) 

Congratulations to John Kiat who received a 2017 UNL Dean’s Fellowship

Congratulations to Catie Brown who was a Science Slam Finalist (You can find the video of Catie's talk here: https://youtu.be/Hrgpt6C3VYU)

Congratulations to Eve Brank who received funding from the Spaulding for Children, U.S. DHHS Administration for Children and Families: Evaluation of the National Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation, Private/International Adoptions ($172,474 for 1.5 years) 

Congratulations to Mike Dodd who received a 2017 Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award (ORCA) from the College of Arts & Sciences, University of Nebraska - Lincoln 

Congratulations to Maital Neta who received the 2017 Harold and Esther Edgerton Junior Faculty Award, University of Nebraska - Lincoln 

Congratulations to Maital Neta who received funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, R01 (2017-2022). “Functional brain networks mediating individual differences in valence bias.” PI: Neta, Co-I: Nim Tottenham (Psychology, Columbia University) Funded: $1,781,034

Congratulations to Jeff Stevens who received funding from the National Science Foundation (2017-2021), “Similarity as a process model of intertemporal choice” PI with Leen-Kiat Soh (NSF-1658837, $655,373) – Jeff Stevens

News Stories

Maital Neta's research is featured by KETV7

Jeff Stevens' research is featured in Nebraska Today

Nick Harp is featured in a Daily Nebraskan article focusing on inclusivity in STEM-related fields

Jeff Stevens' research featured in the Daily Nebraskan

Rich Wiener interviewed by the APA Monitor on Psychology discussing problem-solving courts

Jeff Stevens discusses calming anxious canines (especially relating to fireworks) with Nebraska Today.

Graduate student Nick Harp discusses inclusivity in STEM-fields with the Daily Nebraskan.

Sarah Gervais featured in Nebraska Today regarding new faculty leadership program.

Ashley Votruba featured on NET discussing her research on the death penalty.

Maital Neta discusses aging and positivity with NET

Jeff Stevens' new Canine Cognition and Human Interaction lab is in the news:Lincoln Journal Star, Omaha World-Herald, KETV Omaha, Nebraska Today

Maital Neta's Faculty Early Career Development Program Award featured in UNL Today: https://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/today/article/project-explores-why-aging-brains-stay-on-the-sunny-side/ 

Jeff Stevens' seed grant funding featured in the CAS news: https://cas.unl.edu/new-cas-partnership-awards-fund-projects-global-impact

Abbey Riemer and Sarah Gervais' research featured in UNL Today: https://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/today/article/study-confirms-beauty-is-in-the-eye-of-the-beer-holder/

John Kiat's research featured in UNL Today:  https://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/today/article/study-shows-how-brain-anticipates-social-exclusion/ and the Lincoln Journal Star: http://journalstar.com/lifestyles/misc/say-my-name-unl-study-measures-how-a-person-s/article_7fc49d87-b1e8-5868-b057-430d8876200d.html

Maital Neta and Catie Brown's research featured in UNL Today's Pocket Science: https://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/today/article/surprise-researchers-explore-links-between-stress-decision-making/

Cynthia Willis-Esqueda featured in the Member Spotlight section of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology: http://spsp.org/member-spotlight/cynthia-willis-esqueda

Cynthia Willis-Esqueda featured in a story in the Omaha World Herald: http://www.omaha.com/news/metro/native-americans-push-to-end-columbus-day-not-so-fast/article_d50b7d8f-6a43-5a72-83da-21d770735722.html 

Abbey Riemer among students receiving NSF Fellowships: https://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/today/article/graduate-students-earn-nsf-fellowships/

Lori Hoetger, Kate Hazen, and Eve Brank's research featured on UNL Today: https://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/today/article/researchers-explore-impacts-of-sibling-rivalry/

Maital Neta's research featured on UNL Today: https://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/study-documents-scale-of-error-based-brain-activity/