Camp Bold

Camp BOLD strives to embolden transgender and gender diverse children ages 5 to 13 and their families through shared camp experiences. "Family" is left to the applicants to identify, which may include parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, non-blood relatives, etc.

Camp BOLD reserves exclusive use of a premier conference and retreat center for their camp. There are age appropriate activities for the entire family, including an indoor pool. Each family has their own hotel-style lodge room, complete with private bathroom, WiFi, and A/C. Trans Collaborations covers all costs associated with camp thanks to donations from the Trans Justice Funding Project, Unitarian Church of Lincoln, and generous contributions from individual donors.

Camp applications have closed for Camp BOLD 2021. If you are interested in receving word when the 2022 registration opens or are looking for more information, please email:

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