Opportunities to Participate

Trans Collaborations appreciates everyone who participates in our research. We strive to hear and amplify the voices of the transgender and gender diverse people to help them get the very best health and mental health care. All of our research is reviewed by our Local Community Board who keep the researchers accountable by asking “what will be the product for the community” and making sure that we provide reasonable compensation for people’s time. We have several research projects starting soon.

Helping Therapists Check-In on Clients’ Emotion and Well-Being. We have been developing a survey that mental health therapists can use each session to see how their clients are doing from week to week. We will have an opportunity for further community input on the Trans Collaborations Clinical Check-in or TC3. We are currently recruiting for the study.

Does the News Get Under Your Skin? We are partnering with Zachery DuBois, Ph.D. at the University of Oregon and Jae Puckett, Ph.D. at Michigan State University for a research study on how folks are affected by things that are going on in the world like transphobic or trans-affirmative news stories. This will starting in early 2019. Recruiting will open soon.