The Trauma, Violence, & Abuse (TVA) Lab is directed by Dr. David DiLillo, Willa Cather Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Psychology at UNL. The mission of the TVA lab is to conduct high quality research on trauma and violence that ultimately can be used to inform prevention, intervention, and treatment efforts.

Our research team investigates various aspects of trauma and violence on adults, including all types of childhood maltreatment, sexual assault, and intimate partner aggression.  Some recent topics of research include the following:

  • The causes and consequences of sexual victimization and intimate partner violence
  • Alcohol use as a predictor and outcome of interpersonal violence
  • Risk factors for the development of PTSD 
  • Use of virtual reality to assess sexual assault risk behaviors
  • The effect of bystander interventions on reducing sexual aggression
  • Examining sexual objectification as a risk factor for sexual assault perpetration and victimization
  • Role of social factors in posttraumatic recovery
  • The long-term impact of child maltreatment on adult functioning 
  • Alcohol use, emotion dysregulation, and intimate partner aggression