Updated: April 10/2017 (News, Publications, People)

Check us out at VSS: The lab will have 4 posters presented throughout the conference and Josh Zosky will present a new illusion we have discovered at Demo Night.

Mike received the 2017 College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award.

Mike and Matt Johnson received an NSF EPSCOR grant for a collaborative project with faculty at the University of Delaware and the University of Nevada - Reno: The LRN (Lincoln-Ren0-Neward) Coalition examines the relationship between knowledge and perception and is intended to enhance the neuroscience infrastructure at our respective institutions

Congratulations to Mark Mills who received his PhD and began a post doc at the University of Toronto.

Congratulations to Gerald McDonnell who received his PhD and will be starting a tenure-track assistant professor position at McKendree University in the fall

Mike received the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award from the College of Arts & Sciences

The VAMP Lab welcomes Mengzhu Fu from the University of Iowa who will begin her graduate study here at UNL this fall

Congratulations to Mark Mills who recently had author papers accepted in Behavioral Brain Research, Experimental Brain Research, and Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, and to Gerald McDonnell who had a first author paper accepted in Teaching in Psychology

Congratulations to Monica Rosen who is an author on a recently accepted paper in Cognition and Emotion

Mike is now the Editor of Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

Congratulations to Monica Rosen who had her first paper published (2nd author) in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

Principal investigator: Mike Dodd (mdodd2@unl.edu)                

Welcome to the VAMP lab webpage, from the links above you can find out about the research being carried out in the lab, the people in the lab, our facilities, and the courses taught by Mike Dodd.

Feel free to visit our facebook page/group also as I try in vain to maintain the image that I am young and hip (we closed down our myspace page last week)

Opportunities for students

Please contact me if you are interested in applying to graduate school to be a part of the VAMP lab.

If you are a UNL undergrad who is interested in graduate school and/or research experience and want to volunteer in the lab, contact me via email (mdodd2@unl.edu).

If you are a UNL undergrad who is interested in applying to the UCARE program, where you are paid to obtain experience in a lab, please contact me in January as applications are due in March. Please note that the number of available awards is limited, as are the number of new students I am allowed to accept.





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