The Man In Charge (wielding power with an iron fist): Mike Dodd
Professor, Editor-in-Chief of AP&P

Mike did his graduate work at the University of Toronto under the joint supervision of Professors Colin MacLeod and Jay Pratt. Upon obtaining his Ph.D. in 2005, Mike became a Killam postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia working in the lab of Professor Alan Kingstone and collaborating with Professors Jim Enns and Todd Handy. He joined the University of Nebraska - Lincoln faculty in the fall of 2007 where he conducts research on vision, attention, memory, and perception (hence the lab acronym).  He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2013.  He served as an Associate Editor at JEP:HPP from 2013-2014 and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.  He loves referring to himself in the third person.Mike's CV can be found HERE (Updated 3/26/2019)

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Students (Graduate, Thesis, UCARE, RA, and otherwise)

Joshua Zosky: Graduate student

Josh is about as non-typical as they come. His first bachelor's degree is from Kutztown University in English Literature, studying the works of major Modern authors such as Joyce and Faulkner. After a few years in the professional cooking circuit, he returned to school for a second degree in psychology. He earned a 2nd bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska -- Lincoln. From here he joined the ranks of psychology graduate student at UNL. He is part of the Neuroscience & Behavior specialization in the program. He can still be found cooking in his spare time, which is never. He also reads in his spare time, which is never. Josh is part of the Developmental Brain Lab, VAMP Lab, Technological consultant for the LifeHD sociology lab, and Technical Specialist for the psychology department's VR Lab. He specializes in computery things, yet claims no competency in social-media. He is a huge nerd. He hides this under a cool veneer of indy music and sunglasses. His research interests include--but are not limited to--Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI), EEG processing, experimental design, co-registration of eye tracking and EEG data, and developing rehabilitative technologies for neurological disorders.

Josh's personal website:

Mengzhu Fu: Graduate student

Mengzhu did her undergraduate work at the University of Iowa where she earned a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Music. At the University of Iowa, she worked as a research assistant in various research labs, studying a variety of topics such as visual cognition, decision making, and morality. Her current research interest focuses on visual attention and perception, as well as their relationships with other cognitive systems.

Logan Miller: UCARE Student 

Logan is a third year, undergraduate psychology major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She began volunteering with Dr. Dodd last fall and under his supervision completed the McNair Summer Research Experience, in which she ran a study on dynamic visual search study, as well as presenting her findings at the annual McNair conference in California. Her current research interests also focus on visual attention and perception as they relate to cognitive systems.

Payton Geschke: UCARE Student

Payton is currently in her third year working towards gaining her BS degree in Psychology. She has minors in Biological Science and Humanities in Medicine, and is on the Radiation Science track. Her UCARE research focuses on the possible cognitive deficits associated with having Alzheimer’s in the family. In her free time you will find Payton working at a concert with the Red Cross, training for her next marathon, or eating at Fazoli’s.

Justin Frandsen: FYRE Student

Justin Frandsen is a Freshman Psychology Major from Gordon, Nebraska. His interests include music, running, and making jokes that only he finds funny. Justin plans on specializing in Clinical Psychology and hopes to have his own practice someday. He is a part of the University's new FYRE (first year research experience) program. In his free time, you’ll typically find him playing guitar, video games, or eating Rasin’ Canes.

Current undergraduate volunteers

(all incredibly valuable and appreciated, but apparently not enough to be deemed blurb-worthy by Mike...maybe if they're still here next term!)

Joshua Warren  Maria Kasun Zach Headley  



Lab alumni

Past graduate students: Gerald McDonnell (now an Assistant Professor at McKendree University), Mark Mills (now an assistant professor at Alma College), Jordan Wickstrom (now a graduate student at the University of Nebraska - Omaha)

Past lab managers: Brett Bahle (now a graduate student at the University of Iowa), Jordan Marshall (now a graduate student at Illinois State University), Elise Thayer (now a graduate student at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Lauren Bandel (now a graduate student at Southern Illinois University)

Past undergraduate students (thesis and/or UCARE): Brett Bahle, Emily Birkel, Sarah Burghaus, Dillon Cornett, Kristin Divis, Sean Dageforde, David Dugger, Brandon Gore, Jordan Grubaugh. Arianne Holland, Lizzy Isaacson, Scott Jarecke, Aaron Keck, Laura Klein, Alex Knezevic, Billy Kuehn, Emily Lander, Grant Langdon, Jordan Marshall, Mitchell McCann, Scott McLean, Jude Olney, Tyler Person, Mallory Richert, Rachel Rixen, Kyle Sramek, Charles Voigt, Noah Weiss, Olivia Wieda, Thomas Zimmer

Past undergraduate volunteers: Audie Aguilar, Dustan Ahrens, Ahmad Arraseef, Elaine Arrington, John Avery, Alyssa Bakulski, Therin Baum, Brandi Becvar, Emily Birkel, David Boe, Emily Bohaty, Stefani Bradley, Ryan Bramhall, Hanna Brenden, Jordan Brooks, Patrick Brown, Isabella Catalono, Claudia Clinchard, Emily Coffey, Andrea Coleman, Jade Czarnecki, Akua Dawes, Arity Dickerson, Rachel Dorn, Drew Dudley, Ellen Dudley, Angie Dunn, Tristen Folz, Hannah Frankel, Erika Franta, Jon Freese, Morgan Fust, Cristina Garcia, Anne Gates, Tyson Gibbons, Jacob Griess, Elizabeth Grimes, Aaron Halvorsen,Sierra Hansen, Katie Harris, Allison Havekost, Danielle Henery, Jordan Henkel, Kristina Huber, Nur Ahmad Hussin, Mahnoor Javaid, Lexi Jessen, Zhuo Jin, Andrew Johannes, Brittany Jones, Daina Keehn, Brian Keiser, Michael Killingsworth, Rebecca Kreis, Molly Kudym, Allison Kuenning, Emily Kuhn, Brett Lahm, Emily Lander, Katie Larkin, Sami Lauf, Kevin Liang, Aaron Lightner, Shauna Lindstedt, Jerry Lund, Samantha Lunde, Michael Mahnken, Jordan Marshall, Aaron Martinez, Trevor Mattox, Sloan Matzke, Britteny McBride, Luke Meier, Jeff Meyer, Alli Morton, Kevin Moser, Ellen Muehling, Patrick Mumm, Andrew Neal, Cassie Neal, Sandy Ngo, Alia Noetzel, Jayden Nord, Cody Nordhues, Jacob Nordhues, Laura Oh, Jude Olney, Alex Olsen, Ryan O'Neil, Gabriela Perez, Sam Perez, Ricky Poh, Daley Porter, Jamie Porter, Sydney Powers, Kevin Rademacher, Anthony Raimondi, David Raybine, Olivia Reinert-Gehman, Mallory Richert, Shelby Rohlff, Marissa Roney, Hannah Ross, McKenzie Rowe, Zach Rupiper, Marisa Ruwe, Elizabeth Ryan, Laura Salisbury, Grant Schlimgen, Danae Schufeldt, Casey Schwee, DJ Sedlacek, Emika Severson, Brea Smith, Tanner Smith, Lyndsey Stessman, Tyler Stading, Amori Strong, Karli Suarez, Kristin Swenson, Roukeyatou Takpara, Taylor Thomsen, Kelsey Tieken, Nicole Timm, Roberto Torres, Kylee Twomey, Jordan Valla, Austin Wehrwein, Jedediah Weiss, Michael Wenzl, Jordan Wheeler, Carolyn Willis, Brooke Wissler, Alec Wong, Diana Zhong