Haley Church, M.A.

Fourth Year Graduate Student

Email: hchurch2@huskers.unl.edu

Haley (she/her) is a fourth year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Training Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Haley’s research interests involve understanding factors such as dissociation and emotion dysregulation that mediate the relationship between repeated trauma exposure and negative mental health outcomes. She is interested in examining the overlap between constructs of dissociation and emotion dysregulation from both a clinical and research perspective. Her other line of work focuses on promoting access to interventions that address the impact of trauma among incarcerated individuals. She has developed a partnership with RISE, a local non-profit focused on breaking generational cycles of incarceration, and is currently collaborating with the organization to evaluate their in-prison program at the Nebraska State Penitentiary and the Omaha Correctional Center.

Haley received her B.S. in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology from the University of California-San Diego in 2017. After graduating, she worked for three years in the Cognition-Emotion Neuroscience Lab (CENSL) at the University of Chicago as a research coordinator for BSNIP-2, an NIH-funded multi-site study that sought to develop classifications of psychotic and mood disorders based on biological measurements. Haley also joined the Trauma Interest Work Group (TIWG) at the University of Chicago, which engaged community members, clinicians, and researchers to promote an interdisciplinary understanding of trauma with the goal of improving equity and justice on the South Side of Chicago. 

Selected Presentations:

Church, H. (Moderator), Resick, P. A. (Panelist), McLean, C. P. (Panelist), Zerubavel, N. (Panelist). (2023, November). PTSD treatment: Is there a place for dissociation in a cognitive-behavioral world? Organized Panel presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Childhood Maltreatment and Interpersonal Violence SIG, Seattle, WA.

Church, H., Edwards, M. E., Messman, T. L., Gratz, K. L., & DiLillo, D. (2023, November). Dissociation and dysregulated emotion: Examining the latent structure of emotion overmodulation. Poster to be presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Child Maltreatment & Interpersonal Violence SIG, Seattle, WA.

Church, H., Kumar, S. A., Messman, T. L., Gratz, K. L., & DiLillo, D. (2021, November). The role of dissociation on the association between sexual victimization and emotion dysregulation. Poster presented at the 55th Annual Convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, New Orleans, LA.

Church, H., Khera, I., Kern, B., Pearlson, G. D., Clementz, B. A., McDowell, J., Keshavan, M. S., Tamminga, C. A., Ivleva, E., Gershon, E. S., Keedy, S. K. (2022, April). Comparison of lifetime psychosis and mood symptoms in schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder with psychotic features. Poster presented at the 2022 Congress of the Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS), Florence, Italy.

Kumar, S. A., Church, H., Messman-Moore, T., Gratz, K., & DiLillo, D. (2020, November). Mindfulness promotes resilience among childhood sexual abuse survivors: Emotion dysregulation, depression, and anxiety. Poster presented at the 54th Annual Convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Child Maltreatment & Interpersonal Violence SIG, Philadelphia, PA.

Church, H., Gershon, E., Keshavan, M., Pearlson, G., Clementz, B., Tamminga, C., Keedy, S. (2019). Childhood trauma and lifetime experiences of delusions. Poster session presented at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry (SOBP), Chicago, IL.


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Church, H., Seewald, P., Clark, J., Jak, A., Twamley, E. (2017). Predictors of work outcomes following  supported employment in veterans with a history of traumatic brain injury. Neurorehabilitation, 44(3), 333-339.