Irenea Soetjoadi, B.S.

Irenea (she/her) is a full-time research assistant for Drs. David DiLillo (VISTA Lab) and Sarah Gervais (OWL Lab). She currently works on an ongoing multi-site longitudinal randomized controlled trial that examines alcohol and social interactions through virtual reality technology. 

Irenea graduated from University of Nebraska - Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. As an undergraduate, she worked as a research assistant on various projects across different labs, including the BAR study with Drs. DiLillo and Gervais, which was a randomized controlled trial that examined alcohol and social perceptions. Her work on these different projects has led to her growing interests in research. Her current research interests center on trauma and substance use. She also loves exploring and learning about new, related areas of research. 

Her favorite part of being a research assistant is contributing to different stages of a research project and building connections with faculty, research staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students in the lab. She is planning to apply to graduate school in psychology in the future.