Educational Seminars

Educational Seminars


The Weibling Project provides basic education about discrimination including but not limited to:

  • The differences between actions that satisfy the criteria of law defining discrimination and those that do not
  • Actions that organizations and individuals can take to prevent discrimination
  • The causes and effects of discrimination as they impact upon individuals and organizations
  • The psychology of discrimination and the ways in which people can act to minimize the negative effects of discrimination in educational settings, housing, and employment

The Weibling Project staff (trained psychologists, lawyers, and students supervised by professionals) offer educational seminars and workshops to public sector organizations including government agencies, public schools, administrative agencies, police departments, and social service agencies, as well as to private sector organizations including commercial organizations, workplaces, private schools, religious organizations, and social clubs. The goals of the seminars are to inform people about what discrimination is and what it is not, how to avoid discrimination, resources available to help people cope with problems of discrimination, and other resources that provide detailed information about possible discrimination.

These educational seminars discuss the causes and effects of unfair treatment arising as a result of a person's race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender, or disability. They examine in some detail the stigmatization that results from visible sources of discrimination such as gender, race and physical disability and compare them to stigmatization that results from concealable differences such as sexual orientation, mental illness and religion. The seminars offer some simple suggestions about appropriate methods of working with members of disadvantaged groups in order to reduce any additional potentially negative effects that could result from their victimization.

Dr. Wiener presents at the Lincoln Commission on Human Rights Annual Civil Rights Conference. The title of Dr. Wiener’s presentation at the 2010 conference was, “Social Stigma and Mental Illness”

If you are interested in discussing your organization's interest in arranging a seminar designed for your own needs please contact the Weibling Project at the following email address or telephone number: (402) 472-9639;