Antover Tuliao


 Antover received his Bachelors of Arts and Masters degrees at Ateneo de Manila University, School of Social Sciences. Antover entered the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Clinical Psychology Training Program in the Fall of 2011.  His primary interests revolve around perpetration among substance abusing and dependent populations.  He is currently examining the role alcohol expectancy plays in alcohol-related sexual assault among college students. He is also developing a study that examines multicultural factors associated with binge drinking and perpetration that compared estimates from UNL and compares them with two Filipino universities.  Specifically, his dissertation will focus on examining social cognitive decision-making processes among males that are at higher risk of sexual aggressive acts during an alcohol related dating situation. 



Levine Diversity Enhancement Award (Tuliao: Student/McChargue Mentor)


Klanecky, AK, McChargue, DE & Tuliao AP. (under review). Explanatory Emotion Regulation Pathways linking Child/Adolescent Sexual Abuse Histories to Problematic Drinking among College Students. Manuscript submitted to Journal of Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

Tuliao A & McChargue DE. (under review). Factor Structure and Invaiance Test of the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT): Comparison and Further Validation in a US and Philippines College Student Sample. Manuscript submitted to Addiction. 

McChargue, D.E., Tyler, K. & Tuliao, A.P. (under review). Discrepant reporting of child maltreatment: Influences of personality, parenting style and family environment. Manuscript revise and resubmit to the Journal of Family Violence.

Tuliao, A.P. & McChargue, D. E. (in press). Severity of Alcohol Use and Sexual Aggression among Male College Students: Investigating the Moderating and Mediating Roles of Alcohol Outcome Expectancies. American Journal on Addictions. 

Tuliao AP, Jaffe AE, Piedmont J­ & McChargue DE (2013). Early trauma, posttraumatic stress, alcohol outcome expectancy and alcohol use and related problems: a path analysis. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. 37 SI (Suppl 2), 1602A.

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 Presentations (while at UNL)

Tuliao AP, Haikalis M, Landoy BV & McChargue DE (2014, June). Alcohol use severity, attitudes, level of intimacy and the victim’s intoxication in date rape: a comparison between US and Philippines. Poster submitted to the Research Society on Alcoholism, Seattle, WA. 

King SC, Tuliao AP, Landoy BVN, Handley M­ & McChargue DE (2013, November). A cross-cultural examination of the effect of gender, alcohol use and intimacy on the decision to continue in a sexual encounter vignette. Poster presented annual meeting of the Association for the Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Nashville, TN.

Tuliao AP, Jaffe AE, Piedmont J & McChargue DE (2013, June). Early trauma, posttraumatic stress, alcohol outcome expectancy, and alcohol use and related problems: A path analysis. Poster accepted at the annual meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism, Orlando, FL.