College Alcohol Prevention Research


As part of the university alcohol diversion program, students who break the dry campus policy are triaged to the lab's Alcohol Skills Training Program and are randomly assigned to either an internet only intervention or a 2-day motivational enhancement treatment focused on reducing alcohol-related harm. Given that both have been shown to be effective (Blume & Marlatt, 2004), randomization has allowed us to assess the overall impact of treatment and to identify who may benefit most from the 2-day treatment.  Our preliminary data show that students with CSA histories benefit from the group 2-day treatment, but show no reduction in blackouts when assigned to the internet intervention. We have also shown that total mood disturbance influence reduction trajectories among mandated students. 

Our current research has moved to test novel interventions.  More specifically, we are currently collecting data on conducting brief motivational enhancement using teleconferencing methods.  We are also testing a texting treatment that will promote protective behavioral strategies among binge drinkers during football games.