Steven Edwards

Steven entered the clinical psychology program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Fall 2012. His research interests center around alcohol use - including: resiliency factors, mindfulness, and competing expectancies. Steven received his Bachelor of Science degree from Wright State University where he majored in Psychology. After graduating with his Bachelors degree, Steven worked at Brown University’s Center for Alcohol and Addiction studies under Dr. Lorenzo Leggio whose research focus was to examine the neuropsychopharmacology and neuropsychoendocrinology of alcohol dependence.

His current area of interest is the exploration of the enhancement of protective behavioral strategies within binge drining populations.  His master's thesis explored the effectiveness of a texting vs. control intervention on engaging college students in protective behavioral strategies.  He is currently developing a program of research that will explore social-cognitive and reinforcement mechanisms that influence the utilization of protective behavioral strategies.  He is also interested in context-specificity in binge drinking, particularly as it relates to game day drinking.


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