For more information regarding volunteering for the CAN lab, please contact Dan Henley (Email:, phone: 402-472-3639).

Current Studies

Description: The CAN lab is conducting a series of studies investigating individual differences in emotion processing. Depending on the project, the experiment session will last from 1 to 2 hours.

Methodologies: We employ a range of different methods including behavioral testing, psychophysiological measures, and brain imaging (MRI).

Eligibility Requirements: ages 6-17, 18 - 30, or 60 and up, with no history of psychiatric or neurological disorder.

Special Requirements for MRI studies: To determine eligibility for an MRI study, each participant will be given a CB3 MRI Safety Screening form. This must be filled out and reviewed with the MRI technician to determine risks of participation. The CB3 screening form covers devices, illnesses, injuries and medical procedures that effect participant safety.