CC&L Lab Director: Ashley Votruba, J.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Votruba joined the UNL psychology faculty as part of the Law-Psychology Program in Fall 2017. She received her Ph.D. in social psychology from Arizona State University and her J.D. from the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law in 2017. Dr. Votruba also served as a Judicial Clerk for Justice Robert M. Brutinel on the Arizona Supreme Court from 2015-2016.

Faculty Page: Dr. Ashley Votruba

Graduate Students

Abigail Herzfeld graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2017 with a B.A. in psychology and minors in philosophy and anthropology. During her undergraduate career, she served as a project manager in the Law and Memory Processes Lab. She completed her honors thesis under the direction of Dr. James Lampinen. Her honors thesis systematically examined the relationship between the amount of lighting present at crime scenes and eyewitness identification accuracy on actual faces in a lineup. After graduating from college, Abigail served as an AmeriCorps VISTA at D.C. Hunger Solutions. Abigail is interested in utilizing psychological research to investigate social (in)justice issues and inform innovative policies to overcome these issues of injustice. 

Casey Tisdale graduated from Ohio University in December 2017 with a dual-BA in Psychology and Sociology-Criminology, with a minor in French and a certificate in Law, Justice & Culture.  During undergrad, she began a study looking at perceived credibility of attorneys with mental illness versus attorneys without mental illness. Before coming to UNL, she worked full-time at Athens Municipal Court in a Diversion Program. In her free time, she enjoys playing board games, running, and going to breweries and wineries.

Research Assistants

Melissa Hall is an undergraduate student studying psychology and political science. Post-grad, she plans to go to law school to pursue a career in healthcare law. In addition to working as a research assistant in the Culture, Cognition, and Law Lab, Melissa is a resident assistant in Neihardt Residential Center, a legal assistant at Wolzen Law Office, an honors peer mentor, an honors ambassador, and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, and the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Emily Hess is a senior undergraduate student in the psychology department at UNL, with minors in Spanish and Criminal Justice. This is her second year in the Culture, Cognition and Law lab. After graduating in May, she hopes to take a gap year to work and find a great job that combines Psychology and Criminal Justice, hopefully in the justice system. She has plans to possibly attend graduate school to obtain a Masters in Criminology. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix, playing with kittens, hanging out with her friends, and crafting.

Rachel Sisley is a junior undergraduate student on the pre-health track with a psychology major and a literature minor, who also really enjoys chemistry. She grew up in Omaha, Nebraska but has traveled around the country. Rachel plans to attend UNMC back home in Omaha and gain a doctoral degree in psychiatry. In her free time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her AOII sorority sisters, hiking, camping, and reading literature.  

Zach Kneale is a junior undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Political Science and Philosophy. He is also on the pre-law track and plans to attend law school after graduation. Due to this background, he is interested in the intersection between psychology and the law. In his free time he enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and playing video games.

Reed Tiwald is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business. While Cognitive Psychology sparked his interest in psychology, he plans to attend graduate school for Industrial Organizational Psychology after graduation. In his free time, Reed enjoys listening to music, traveling, and spending time with friends.

Ian Goheen is a Sophomore Psychology Major at UNL. He wants to pursue analytical psychology after his undergrad, focusing on psychological research in optimizing human function. He also shares interests in Sales, Education, and Communication. Ian spends most of his free time playing Super Smash Bros, Cooking, or Listening to music with his friends.

Mona Javidi is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. Her goals after graduation include attending medical school to earn a doctorate in psychiatry, internal medicine, or emergency medicine. Although she is on the pre-medicine track, she is interested in the role of social psychology within the law. In her free time, she likes to play the violin, travel, read, go on runs, and spend time with friends.