CNN Lab strolling to support brain injury (June 2022):  Members of the lab got their run (and casual stroll) on this June by participating in the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska's annual Blazing Trails for Brain Injury 5k/1mile run/walk/stroll. Even with the rain, everyone had a great time getting our heart rates up, supporting a great cause, and rewarding ourselves with a post-stroll brunch! Check out our lab facebook page for some great action shots!

CNN Lab Graduations (May 2022):  Congratulations to undergraduate research assistant, Trevor Scarlett, who graduated from UNL this May, and also to grad student Mike Walsh who successfully completed his clinical comps and received his clinical Master's!

CNN Lab publishes new research (April 2022):  Congratulations to grad student Jeremy Feiger on his manuscript that was just accepted for publication! Jeremy's paper examines the roles of cognitive and emotional functioning in predicting psychosocial adjustment following rehabilitation for TBI. Look for his paper, "Neuropsychological functioning predicts psychosocial adjustment after post-acute rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury" to be published in a future issue of the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. Congrats, Jeremy!

CNN Lab publishes new research (September 2021):  Congratulations to the lab on writing a manuscript that was just accepted for publication! Led by grad student Jeremy Feiger, lab members Rachael Snyder, Mike Walsh, Seima Al-Momani, and former members Mackenzie Cissne and Andrew Cwiek all worked together to conduct a review of the literature on neuroinflammatory markers associated with the onset of neuropsychiatric disorders following traumatic brain injury. Look out for the paper, "The role of neuroinflammation in neuropsychiatric disorders following traumatic brain injury: A systematic review" in a future volume of the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. Congrats, team!

CNN Lab welcomes new members for Fall 2021 (August 2021):  Best wishes to our RAs that graduated from the lab last semester (Grace Amadon, Teagan Mieth, and Emma L'Heurex) as they move on to the next exciting chapters of their lives!  This Fall we welcome new RAs: Alec Miller, Ava Berkey, and Jessica Stump, as well as our newest clinical graduate student, Chris Waller.  Chris has a master's in Clinical Psychology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and worked as a research assistant at Washington University before joining us here at UNL.  Welcome new CNN Lab members!

New year, new faces! (January 2021):  CNN Lab congratulates RA Lauren Weiss on graduating from UNL!  We thank Lauren for all her hard work and wish her well as she starts medical school in the Fall.  We also welcomed  Emma L'Heurex in the Fall, and Trevor Scarlett this semester as new RAs.  We're happy to have you with us!

CNN Lab welcomes new member for Fall 2020 (August 2020):  We are thrilled to have Michael Walsh join us as a graduate student in the Clinical area.  Prior to coming to UNL, Mike managed the TBI Neuroimaging and Cognition Laboratory at the San Daiego VA Hospital.  Welcome Mike!

Undergrad RAs Lauren Weis & Grace Amadon successfully complete UCARE project over the summer (August 2020):  Even under the challenging times of COVID, our lab stays busy!  Undergrad RAs Lauren Weis and Grace Amadon completed their UCARE project investigating metacognitive monitoring in moderate to severe TBI this summer and presented their work virtually at the beginning of August.  Check out their presentation here (!

Best wishes to our graduating RAs (June 2020):  CNN Lab congratulates RAs Megan Jones, Carly Moran, and Jared Noetzel as they graduate from UNL!  We thank them for their contributions to the lab and are excited for them as they move onto life after UNL!  Also, congratulations to lab manager Mackenzie Cissne and post-bacc RA Andrew Cwiek as both have been accepted to Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology!  We will be sad to see them go, but look forward to seeing them at future neuropsychology conferences! 

CNN Lab welcomes new member for Fall 2019 (August 2019):  CNN Lab is excited to have Rachael Snyder join us as a graduate student in the Clinical area.  Prior to coming to UNL, Rachael worked at the University of Michigan in the Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Laboratory.  Welcome Rachael!

Walk, run, or roll for a great cause! (June 2019):  Get out and enjoy some exercise while supporting our partner, the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska at their "Blazing Trails for Brain Injury" 5k/1mile walk, run, or roll on Sunday, June 9th, 2019 at Zorinsky Lake Park in Omaha, NE.  The 5k starts at 7am, and the 1 miler starts at 8am.  Registration is $35 and the costs go to support Nebraskans with brain injuries and their families.  For more information, visit .  The BIA Nebraska does some great work, and we hope you'll be able to support them!

Best wishes to our graduating RAs, and a warm welcome to some new faces in the Lab (June 2019):  The lab continues to stay busy with research over the summer!  This semester, we bid farewell to graduating senior research assistants Scarlett Ramos and Emily Johnson.  We thank both of them for all of their hard work, and wish them our very best as they pursue new endeavors after UNL!  The Lab also welcomes 5 new research assistants:  Grace Amadon, Carly Moran, Valeriya Dedushkevich, Teagan Mieth, and Andrew Cwiek.  We look forward to working with you all!  

CNN Lab to present research at this year's annual American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology conference (June 2019):  Members of the CNN Lab will be making another visit to the Windy City to present research from the lab!  Lab manager Mackenzie Cissne will be presenting a study on the overlap between working memory and executive functioning in TBI, and graduate student Seima Al-Momani will be presenting research on gender differences in depression and support needed following brain injury.  Stop by their posters to find out more!

CNN Lab to present research at this year's Midwestern Psychological Association conference (April 2019):  Undergraduate research assistants Emily Johnson, Jared Noetzel, Megan Jones, and Lauren Weis will be presenting posters reflecting their very own research ideas at this year's MPA conference in the Windy City.  Their topics include investigating executive functioning in TBI, support and outcome after rehabilitation from brain injury, and emotion recognition in TBI.  Please stop by and visit!

CNN Lab Research Assistant recognized at the annual Department of Psychology Award Ceremony (April 2019):  Undergraduate research assistant, Jared Noetzel was inducted into Psi Chi, psychology's international honor society, at this year's Department Award Ceremony.  Congratulations, Jared!

CNN Lab exhibiting at the 13th annual Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska Conference (March 2019):  Lab manager Mackenzie and graduate student Seima will be available to answer questions about TBI research and opportunities to participate in lab research.  Please stop by to say hello and pick up some fun prizes!  For more information about the conference, please visit the BIA page at: 

CNN Lab to present at the annual conference of the Cognitive Neurosicence Society (March 2019):  Lab PI, Dr. Chiou, will be presenting research from the lab at this year's CNS meeting in San Francisco.  The research poster (completed with help from grad student Jeremy Feiger and lab manager Mackenzie Cissne) will showcase findings from an investigation of the relationship between white matter organization and metacognitive functioning in moderate to severe TBI.  Please stop by our poster session on the morning of Tuesday, March 26th and say hi!

Undergraduate Research Assistant Megan Jones awarded continuation of UCARE award into Summer 2019 (March 2019):  Megan has been working on an exciting independent project examining the influence of context in individuals' abilities to recognize emotions.  Megan applied for and was awarded a UCARE award for Summer 2019 that will allow her to continue working on this project.  Congratulations, Megan!

CNN Lab to present at the 47th annual conference of the International Neuropsychological Society (February 2019):  Graduate student Jeremy Feiger and lab PI Dr. Chiou will be headed to the Big Apple to attend and present research from the lab at this year's INS meeting.  Jeremy will present research in collaboration with QLI on neurocognitive profiles of depression severity in acquired brain injury, while Dr. Chiou will present research in collaboration with Kessler Foundation on modulating metacognitive confidence judgments using manipulations in feedback after TBI.  Both posters will be presented on the morning of Saturday, Februrary 23rd.  Please stop by and say hi!

CNN Lab welcomes new member (November 2018):  The CNN Lab welcomes undergraduate student Emily Overend as a research assistant to the lab.  Emily will be helping out with our studies looking to validate new cognitive paradigms for clinical use.  Welcome Emily O.!

CNN Lab welcomes new members (August 2018):  Fall semester is here and we have some new faces in the lab!  We have 3 new undergraduate research assistants (Jared Noetzel, Kole Smith, and Lauren Weis) helping out in the lab.  We also have a new graduate student, Jeremy Feiger, joining us.  Jeremy comes to the lab from the west coast, where he completed his bachelor's and master's degrees from California State University-Long Beach.  Finally, our very own Mackenzie Cissne has returned to the lab as our new lab manager.  Welcome to the lab!

Congratulations to our graduating seniors (May 2018): Congratulations to 2 of our senior undergraduate research assistants, Mikki and Mackenzie, who graduated this Spring!

Undergraduate research assistant Megan Jones accepted into UNL's UCARE program for academic year 2018-2019 (April 2018):  Megan's application to conduct research in the CNN Lab that was accepted by the UCARE program. For her project, Megan will be investigating deficits in emotion recognition after TBI.  Congratulations, Megan!

CNN Lab undergraduate research assistants present posters at the 2018 annual UNL Spring Research Fair (April 2018):  Emily Johnson, Mikki Schantell, and Mackenzie Cissne all presented research posters at the UNL annual Spring Research Fair.  Emily presented the validation of a continuous performance task in healthy undergraduates (in collaboration with Dr. Art Maerlender), Mikki presented on the relationship between sex, age, cognitive impairment and depressive symptomology in traumatic brain injury, and Mackenzie presented on patterns of neural activation associated with metacognitive performance in adults with traumatic brain injury.  Great job Emily, Mikki, and Mackenzie!  

CNN Lab members recognized at the annual Department of Psychology Award Ceremony (April 2018):  Not 1, but 2 of our undergraduate research assistants were recognized for their excellent work at the UNL Department of Psychology's Annual Award Ceremony.  At the ceremony, sophmore Megan Jones was inducted into Psi Chi, the International Honour Society in Psychology, and senior Mackenzie Cissne was nominated as a finalist for the Harry K. Wolfe Award presented to the outstanding senior psychology major at UNL.  Congratulations Megan and Mackenzie!

CNN Lab exhibiting at the 12th annual Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska conference (March 2018):  Stop by our booth and find out more about our research!

CNN Lab presents research at the 46th annual conference of the International Neuropsychological Society (February, 2018):  Graduate students Seima and Jessie presented posters at the annual INS meeting in Washington D.C. this February.  Seima helped to present research on the relationship between metacognitive reaction time and functional outcome, and Jessie presented research on the effects of alcohol and substance use on neuropsychological functioning in TBI.  Great job, Jessie and Seima!

CNN Lab welcomes a new graduate student to the research team (August, 2017):  Seima Al-Momani is the newest graduate student to join the CNN Lab. Prior to coming to UNL, Seima completed her studies at the University of Iowa, where she also helped conduct research in several labs.  We are happy to have her as a new graduate student in the Clinical area program, and in the lab.  Welcome, Seima!

Undergraduate research assistant Mikki Schantell accepted into UNL's UCARE Program for 2017-2018 academic year:  Mikki's application to conduct research in the CNN Lab next year was accepted!  She will be completing a project investigating the influence of sex and age on depressive symptomology and cognitive functioning in TBI.  Congratulations, Mikki!

Undergarduate research assistant Mackenzie Cissne accepted into UNL's UCARE Program for Summer 2017 (February, 2017):  Mackenzie's submission of a scientific proposal to assist with research in the CNN Lab was accepted!  She will spend the summer getting hands-on experience in assisting with a project investigating metacognitive functioning in adults who have moderate to severe TBI.  Congratulations, Mackenzie!

CNN Lab presents research in New Orleans (February, 2017):  Dr. Kathy Chiou presented a poster at the 45th annual meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society.  The research investigated differences in reaction time between adults with TBI and healthy peers when making retrospective confidence judgments.