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Lab Resources

Hardware and Facilities:

The NCT Lab is housed in UNL’s Center for Brain, Biology, and Behavior (CB3), offering 24/7 access to research dedicated: Siemens 3T Skyra MRI; electrophysiological, eye-tracking, and fNIRS suites; and behavioral testing rooms in addition to a behavioral testing suite which has 8 individual rooms with PCs. 

The NCT Lab has state-of-the art computational resources including four, dedicated high-performance compute nodes featuring 208 Xenon cores and over 890 GB of RAM. The NCT Lab also partners with the Holland Computing Center allowing nearly 10 Pb of RAID-protected storage and hundreds of additional CPUs and GPUs via 10 Gb ethernet direct lines. 

Data, Software, and Other Resources:

NCT Lab-generated data, software, and other resources are freely available for download on our GitHub page (coming soon), as well as through the National Institutes of Mental Health Data Archive ( and OpenScience Framework (

Publication Resources

Supplemental Materials:

Hubbard et al., 2020. JoCN Supplementary Materials