Pediatric Health Lab

The Pediatric Health Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is dedicated to conducting high-quality research intended to improve our understanding and promotion of child and adolescent health. Directed by Dr. Timothy Nelson, a member of the faculty in the Clinical Psychology Training Program since 2009, the lab focuses on the factors that affect pediatric health and key health behaviors (e.g., diet, sleep, physical activity) as well as interventions to improve health through behavior change. These interests lead us to study a variety of pediatric populations (e.g., children who are overweight/obese, youth in residential care settings, adolescents with chronic daily headache, rural adolescents, youth from low-income families) using a variety of methods (e.g., electronic daily diaries, blood and saliva biomarker analysis, neuropsychological testing, neuroimaging, momentary assessment using smart phones, actigraphy, medical record review, surveys). Please visit the Current and Recent Projects section for a more detailed description of our research.