Funded Projects

Projects in the Pediatric Health Lab are funded through a combination of internal and external awards, including grants from local, state and national organizations. The lab and its community partners continually pursue funding from a variety of sources to support our research, and graduate students are often actively involved in these projects.

Role of executive control in adolescent substance use and co-occurring problems.
Principal Investigator: Mason; UNL Site PI: Nelson
National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)/National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

Enhancing capacity for clinic-based pediatric obesity research.
Principal Investigator: Nelson
Children's Hospital Omaha
December 2015-November 2016

Pediatric sleep and psychopathology project.
Principal Investigators: Nelson, Van Dyk
American Psychological Foundation
November 2013-April 2015

An initial study of MyHeartBaby: A mobile application to provide remote care support for caregivers of infants with congenital heart disease.
Principal Investigator: Aylward; UNL Site Principal Investigator: Nelson
Pediatric Heart Network/NHLBI/NIH
June 2014-November 2015

Early executive control and adolescent health.
Principal Investigator: Nelson
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
October 2014-March 2016

Stress exposure, sleep, and minority health disparities.
Principal Investigator: Nelson
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
June 2015-June 2016

Enhancing UNL capacity for telehealth with minority populations in Nebraska.
Principal Investigators: Nelson, Hope
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
July 2013-June 2015

The multidimensional impact of migraine in adolescents presenting to specialty care.
Principal Investigators: Powers, Aylward
Migraine Research Foundation
January 2011-December 2012

Rural minority health disparities.
Principal Investigators: Whitbeck, Nelson, Crockett, Carlo
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
March 2010-December 2011

Research Advisory Committee/Warden Travel Awards
Department of Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln