Current and Recent Projects

Executive Control and Adolescent Health. Longitudinal study examining the role of executive control across development on adolescent health-related factors (e.g., weight status, diet, physical activity, sleep, stress reactivity, substance use, psychopathology), with an emphasis on the environmental context in which executive control and health interact. Collaboration with Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at UNL, Boys Town Child and Family Translational Research Center, and University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Pediatric Sleep and Psychopathology Project. Projects exploring associations between children’s sleep and mental health symptoms. Specific studies include daily-level investigations of bidirectional effects between sleep and psychopathology, sleep intervention development, and evaluation of a brief sleep protocol for children presenting with disruptive behavior problems. Collaboration with Boys Town.

Stress, Sleep, and Minority Health Disparities. Project focusing on the effects of stress on critical health behaviors (e.g., sleep) and, ultimately, health outcomes among racial/ethnic minority families. Collaboration with Sociology faculty at UNL.

Pediatric Obesity Treatment Outcomes. Project focusing on developing, refining, and evaluating evidence-based interventions for families presenting to an interdisciplinary pediatric obesity clinic. Collaboration with Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.