Funded Projects

Projects in the Pediatric Health Lab are funded through a combination of internal and external awards, including grants from local, state and national organizations. The lab and its community partners continually pursue funding from a variety of sources to support our research, and graduate students are often actively involved in these projects.

1R01DK116693. Executive control and adolescent weight trajectories. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)/National Institutes of Health (NIH). July 2018-April 2023. Principal Investigator: Nelson

1R01DA041738. Role of executive control in adolescent substance use and co-occurring problems. National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)/National Institutes of Health (NIH). February 2017-Novembe 2021. Principal Investigator: Mason; UNL Site PI: Nelson

5U5GM115458-02 Pilot Project. Developing executive control, obesity risk, and behavioral health problems: A pilot fMRI study. Great Plains IDeA-CTR/National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)/National Institutes of Health (NIH). July 2018-June 2020. Project Principal Investigator: Nelson

Community Research Grant. Research Program Development for an Interdisciplinary Pediatric Obesity Clinic. Children's Hospital & Medical Center, Omaha. April 2017-March 2018. Principal Investigator: Nelson.

Salivary Bioscience Laboratory Seed Grant. Sleep, stress reactivity, executive control, and adolescent health risk: Integrating salivary bioscience with in a longitudinal sample. Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior (CB#), Office of Research and Economic Development, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. January 2016-June 2016. Principal Investigator: Nelson.

Visionary Grant. Pediatric sleep and psychopathology project. American Psychological Foundation. November 2013-May 2015. Principal Investigators: Nelson, Van Dyk.

Student Travel Grants. Research Advisory Committee/Warden Travel Awards. Department of Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2010-2018.