Race and Ethnic Bias Lab

The research in the lab is focused on the social cognitive processes and motivations that accompany race, ethnicity, conflict and well-being. Our research examines the origins of "racial" and ethnic stereotypes and their influence on the processing of social information and interpretation of social behavior. For example, we examine the influence of racial and ethnic bias on culpability attributions in the legal system. We are interested in ideology and the effect on attributions and decision making for ethnic minorities, in areas such as immigration and justice issues. We examine the ways in which ethnic identity can negatively effect daily life, but also buffer the effects of bias and influence our response to discrimination.

Data collection has finished for the 2018-2019 Layman Award Project, Dental Wars: Arming Latino/a Immigrants with Culturally Appropriate Dental Health Prevention Strategies. Thank you to Martha Balderas, Topacio Ortiz, Ashley Mulcahy, Felipe Blanco Sanchez, Lesley Garcia, Fatima Barragan, Danny Escobar, Carlos Risueno, and Brianna Kay! Special thanks to our partners at El Centro, Romeo Guerra, Veronica Junge, Lisandra Jorge, and Alix Gomez! We did it! We truly appreciated the help of Rev. Father Ramon Dacean!

More Hispanic Kids are Depressed Than Their Peers as Anti-Migrant Rhetoric Rises. See the report at https://www.npr.org/2019/08/06/748565528/more-hispanic-kids-are-depressed-than-their-peers-as-anti-migrant-rhetoric-rises?fbclid=IwAR2QtxGfcpgQ6KUAkmR9U3DV1gux4LDQ8ATNpeaCi5-FH-C0htF3O75YYZA

We have a facebook page! Visit https://www.facebook.com/race.ethnicity.immigration/

Sounding guilty: How accent bias affects juror judgments of culpability. Canton, J.A., Martinez, L. N., Willis-Esqueda, C., & Miller, T. Received 11 Oct 2018, Accepted 27 Mar 2019, Published online: 19 Jun 2019. See the Article at https://doi.org/10.1080/15377938.2019.1623963.

COMING THIS FALL! Visiting Distinguished Fellow Dr. Mukoma Wa Ngugi (Associate Professor of English, Cornell University). Ethnic Studies 890: Critical Issues in US and Global Society: Race, Social Justice and Inequality. "The Global South vs Postcolonial Studies in the Academy". Course Instructor: Dr. Mukoma Wa Ngugi, Professor of English and scholar of African literature, Cornell University. https://english.cornell.edu/mukoma-wa-ngugi The driving dialectic in post-colonial studies has been the colonizer/colonized, or the Third Word vs. the West. But slowly the field is letting go of this “arrested dialectic” and in its place various horizontal triangulations are emerging.  In this course we will be primarily using global south concepts to talk about African literature and languages in the age of an English metaphysical empire, politics of translation, and identity/global blackness via Africans and African Americans. Course Information - September 9-September 13, 2019. Andrews Hall 111 - MTWTHF 9:30-11:45 AM. 

Important websites:

ISJR - International Society for Justice Research. https://www.isjr.org/conference/

MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Eduation Fund) at https://www.maldef.org/

Latino Justice (PRLDEF) at https://www.latinojustice.org/

Native American Rights Fund at https://www.narf.org/