kathryn holland photo Dr. Kathryn Holland

I received my B.A. in Applied Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and my Ph.D. in Psychology & Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan. I am now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As an interdisciplinary scholar, my research is shaped by concepts and theories in multiple areas of psychology (social psychology, law psychology, community psychology) and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. I am passionate about using multiple research methods—qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method. I am also committed to using research to facilitate social justice and change. For example, by making my research findings accessible to administrators, policymakers, and practitioners and using research to develop more theoretically and empirically informed policies, resources, and education programs.

Graduate Students

AllisonPhoto Allison Cipriano

Allison Cipriano received her B.A. in Psychology from Ithaca College and her M.A. in Social Psychology from Ball State University. Allison is now a doctoral student in the Social and Cognitive Psychology program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Allison’s research is influenced by social psychological and feminist theory and is focused on attitudes toward sexual behavior, sexual health, and issues surrounding sexual assault.

zach photo Zach Huit (GRA student support seeking study)

Zach Huit is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Training Program.  He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Zach is broadly interested in the role of family and social environments in development.  More specifically, he is interested in how family and relational structures impact the development of LGBTQ+ individuals and ways in which that can be used to inform services for the LGBTQ+ community.  He is also very interested in how familial and social environments impact victims of child maltreatment, as well as how these experiences impact revictimization processes.

Undergraduate Students

allegra photo Allegra Blomenberg 

Allegra Blomenberg is a junior undergraduate student from Norfolk, NE. She is a Nutrition Science major and Women’s and Gender Studies minor. She plans to attend medical school after graduation and aspires to become a dermatologist. When not at school, she enjoys being a peer mentor leader for the Honors Program, volunteering at EPONA Horse Rescue, and teaching dance classes at CHASE Dance.

SydneyPhoto Sydney Bork

Sydney is a Psychology student in her fourth year. When she’s not working at the dining hall, in class, or biking between the two, she can be found practicing with the UNL Ballroom Dance team. Sydney is interested in the short and long-term effects of PTSD, and how we can better the environment and resources to help those victims in need. After graduation, she will pursue a degree in School Psychology so that she can work with kids, helping to better the future of education and children alike.

lizeth photo Lizeth Fraire

Lizeth Fraire is a third-year undergrad, majoring in psychology and minoring in criminology and Spanish. She is interested in the future of Title IX on college campuses regarding sexual assault and the effects it will have on both the victims and accused. Her future goals include going to graduate school and obtaining a Ph.D. in forensic psychology. 

carolyn photo Carolyn Herrera 

Carolyn Herrera is a senior undergraduate student from Kansas City, Missouri. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. After graduating, Carolyn plans to pursue her PsyD in Clinical Psychology with specializations in International Disasters, Women and Children's Therapy, and Multilingual Treatment. Carolyn is interested in PTSD symptomology in women and children, and specifically the impact that early interventions, such as psychological first aid and support groups,  can have on the overall course of Post-Traumatic Stress. When not at the University, Carolyn can be found playing Scrabble, belting out some Christmas tunes, consuming copious amounts of espresso, and advocating for Lincoln’s squirrel population.

maddyson photo Maddyson Meuret 

I am currently a senior undergraduate student majoring in Women's and Gender Studies with minors in International Human Rights and LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies. I plan on continuing my education further by pursuing a dual masters in International Human Rights and Social Work. I am very passionate about social injustice and how it has an impact on both sexual assault and human trafficking victims. My happy place is the mountains, it is very therapeutic for me to just spend a day hiking and outdoor activities.

LauraPhoto Laura Nelms

Laura Nelms is a Psychology an Sociology student in her third year from Benkelman, NE. Laura is interested in the effects of Veteran PTSD and substance abuse. When not in classes, Laura is a peer mentor for the William H. Thompson Scholar's learning community, working at the Dairy Store, and playing with her dog, Rosie.

rin photo Rin Nguyen

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies with minors in Japanese, LGBT/Sexuality Studies, Global Studies, Asian Studies, and English. I am currently an undergraduate research assistant for Trans Collaborations, the Sexual Assault and Sexual Health lab, and the LGBTQA+ Climate and Needs Assessment study. Likewise, I am currently working on an independent research project, LGBT Housing Study, focusing on differences of LGB/TGNC students living in gender-inclusive housing and traditional dorms. Additionally, I am an undergraduate teaching assistant for an introductory psychology course of 533 students at the Psychology 181 Tutoring Center. Lastly, I am a mentor for high school students of the Nebraska College Preparatory Academy. I am deeply interested in the effects of intersectionality. I am passionate about learning more about different sexes, gender identities, sexualities, and cultures and how their relationships play a role in mental health. I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in either counseling or counseling psychology where I will continue researching topics on sexual minorities, gender identities, and sexual health. My future goal is to become a psychologist with a focus on LGBT individuals, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, sexual health, sexual assault, and suicide prevention.

kaylee photo Kaylee Robinson 

Kaylee Robinson is a junior undergraduate psychology student. She is minoring in Sociology, LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies, Women & Gender Studies, and Leadership & Communications Studies. Currently serving as a Resident Assistant here on campus, Kaylee is interested in the interactions that students have on campus with different resources and how resources can be improved to continue best serving students’ needs. After graduation, Kaylee plans to pursue a M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy.

SagePhoto Sage Volk

Sage Volk is from West Fargo, North Dakota. She is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies with minors in LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies and Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. Sage plans to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree. She is interested in the bonds between LGBTQA+ individuals and their family members and the effects that these bonds have on different aspects of the individuals’ lives. She is completing a UCARE independent research project as a research assistant in the Family Development Lab and is a Resident Assistant for University Housing. When she isn’t doing research or working on coursework, she enjoys traveling, playing with her kitten, and cooking new dishes.

Alumni Lab Members (undergraduate)

  • Jasmine Brown
  • Melanie Feith